Anxiety In Your Business

One of the things I noticed is that many entrepreneurs/business owners become anxious working for themselves, especially during that very first year. After all there is no one to turn to but yourself. You work for yourself, you are responsible for everything, you are the decision maker, you are the captain of your own ship. As an entrepreneur and running my own online business, I can fully relate to this. So how do you deal with anxiety in your business?

There is no good answer to this. My short answer is to realize that this is part of your journey as an entrepreneur and you have to learn to adapt, and live with it. It is part of the growing pain, the bigger your goal is the more anxiety you will go through. This anxiety may be short lived, or you may even experience it for years as you continue to look at the profit and loss margins, that are all associated with starting a business.

While a lot of people are drawn to be their own boss or have their own online business, often times they do not understand how difficult it is to actually be working long and hard hours for themselves. The difference is everything when you work for yourself. When you are working for a company or somebody else, you do not need to worry about the financial situation or anything that concerns the company’s overall growth and success.  Let’s be honest here, how much do you actually care for the company’s financial situation? Maybe a little bit? The truth is you only need to worry about keeping your job and boss happy.  It is simple really because, this is the only way you can continue to bring home the paychecks and put money in your bank account.  But when you finally work for yourself, become your own boss, you have to worry about making money and make good profits.  Sounds familiar?

It is okay to be under pressure, it is okay to be anxious. Realize that it does not mean you are failing. You are experiencing the same pressures that every business owner experience at one point or another. Walt Disney was millions in the red before he was in profits! He was anxious and was even depressed, but he overcame them all and became very successful. It is hard to think of success without thinking of Walt Disney.  In fact, I wanted to say that being anxious is a good thing, because it gives you the motivation to improve for the better.  You don’t want to start a business and be completely fearless, this kind of arrogance can set you up for failure in the long run.  A little bit of fear and anxiety in your business is perfectly normal, it keeps you aligned with your purpose and bring you closer to your goal. But don’t let your fear take control of you. There are always risks associated with running a business no matter what, but you need to think and talk it through whether they are worth taking.

Draw out your plans on the big whiteboard. Plan exactly how you are going to get from point A to point B. The logic is the same as if you are planning to make a trip to go to the store to buy milk. The thought first comes to your mind. Then you take appropriate action by either walking or driving (or use a vehicle) to get to the store. But if you don’t take action, you are not going anywhere and you are not getting that milk from the store.

Practice daily meditation and keep yourself calm before making big decisions. Take appropriate action, you will lessen up the burden and overcome anxiety in your business.

Overcome Anxiety


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