How to Achieve Goals and Success: Baby Steps Are Important

Reach your life goals!


How to achieve goals? How to achieve success? No one make it big overnight. Whether your goal is to be successful, to be well known, to be wealthy…..all start with little baby steps. Right now, I’m looking at you and know that you have already reached a certain milestone in your life, and you already are a successful person. I want to show you why I said so.

Everyone in this world was a baby, no exception. When you hit that first milestone of walking…or saying your first word, holding your own spoon and feeding yourself, these were all your successful moments – your parents, grandparents or siblings may have been there and witnessed them. You do not remember them, but these are indeed your successful moments in life. That is also why I want to point out that you are very capable of replicating success and reaching your next milestone in life…whatever that is. There is a process to everything in life though.

When you were young, your brain and mind are non biased. If you are already a parent now, I am sure you’ve probably heard that children are like sponges. They soak up every information and you are responsible in shaping your children as well (but this is not the point now). In order to reach your next milestone, you need to empty up your cup and learn as a child would. You need to know how children’s minds work. Quite simply and amazingly, it’s not that difficult if you know how. Your mind is unique, you can program it however you want it to function. However, it does take some work to do so.

Whatever stage of life you are in now, and no matter what you are trying to accomplish, you need to follow a proven system and make changes that fits you and only YOU.  I am going to illustrate something else for you here….No one can buy shoes on behalf of you, only you will know whether those shoes are comfortable or not. You can read a bunch of reviews that says those pair of shoes are comfortable, but only you know if those are comfortable or not. Now, once you get those shoes, there’s a “breaking in” process. Do you know what these means? Those new shoes don’t get comfortable right away. The more you wear it the more they get comfortable. The same thing applies with whatever new things you are trying to add into your life. Whether it’s a new type of workout, a new business, a new job. Nothing works comfortably at first. This is especially true if you are trying to start a business. At no point will you be comfortable at the start. Whoever says differently, they are straight out lying. However, once you get the ball rolling, you’ll see how it gets easier and without you knowing it…living your dream is just right around the corner.

This is your simplified blueprint on how to achieve goals and how to achieve success. I know that you are capable of reaching everything in life as long as you are willing to adapt, make necessary changes,  take whatever necessary actions you need to do, and most importantly shape your mind to focus on reaching your goal.


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  1. Systems and procedures are truly the backbone of a successful business venture be it online or in real life. By implementing procedures and systems we can better control the flow of work and increase our overall productivity.


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