How Super Affiliates Make Money Online



I am going to analyze part of the March 2015 earnings report for super affiliate named Pat Flynn.

I think it can give us all great insights on how to top affiliate marketers earn their affiliate revenue online and the techniques they use.

He made a gross of $153,397 so this huge number sure came from multiple sources, so let’s get started.


Product Creation

Being an affiliate does not stop you from owning your own product, which can be an ebook.

What Pat did was create an e-book for this super mini niche “leed exam” and created a non-blog site, just a normal website that have many resources on the topic while promoting his ebook on the website through banners.

The website is

This technique made him $2,617 in 1 month


Job Boards Earnings

Here is also picked a small niche “security guards”, then created a normal website with regular home page and about us page, then he added the following sections:

  • Search Page
  • Directory
  • Blog

Search Page: That’s how he makes his affiliate income, he was aware of an affiliate program that pays per search (at, whenever someone will do a job search then Pat gets paid an affiliate commission.

He integrated their script in his Search Page and he made $93.13 in 1 month, this shows you why Pat decided to enter the “security guards” niche in the first place, as it is the perfect place for jobs search affiliate programs like

Directory: In an effort to make his website complete and develop trust with his website visitors, Path created a directory for security guards schools; this just adds another type of content and visitors engagement on his website

Blog: Having content on your website via blogging has its endless benefits as they give you the option to have content ads & banner ads…etc while helping you to establish your authority in the niche and therefore gaining trust that can lead to affiliate sales.

Another thing Pat did was add Google’s Adsense ad across all pages of his website which generated him ads revenue of $3,162 in 1 month

He also added an opt-in form also across all pages which helps him to capture visitors emails and sell them affiliate offers and that made him affiliates earnings of $122.94

The website is

This technique made him $3,379 in 1 month


Taking an Offline Niche…Online!

In this technique Pat found an offline niche “food truck business” which is about people who sell food on the street on a truck. Now there are 5 obvious reasons he might have selected this mini niche:

  • Target audience is willing to invest over $100
  • They are very hungry for information as they are business men/women
  • Highly motivated to take actions
  • Low SEO competition (tons of easy traffic)
  • Target audience have multiple product (meaning can sell them multiple solutions/products)

Using the above 5 reasons he structured his website accordingly.

The main profit source he used was created a product to help food truck business, which is a series of ebooks and guides packages. Selling them for price ranging from $47 to $197

He made monthly profits of $1,511 from this product sales.

He also made sure that the buy now page does not have any links to the other parts of his website (blog…etc). That’s because at this point he doesn’t want them to be saying “Oh, I can read his blog and I don’t need to buy his book”. He needs them to think the only valuable source of information at this point is in his product.

In order for him to sell his packages, his visitors need to make sure he knows what he is talking about, that’s why he added a blog section to fill it with content that builds trust.

And he also added a podcast section, which is a collection of online podcasts on food truck business. This gives his website visitors a new type of content to enjoy and makes them feel they are getting more information on the food truck business then they hoped from 1 website.

Another source of income he used is to get affiliate commission from multiple products, giving how food truck business seekers will pretty much have no online presence (website) and no internet marketing framework (lists). He decided to seize this opportunity to help food truckers establish their online presence to promote their business.

He created a resource page on his website, it lists all online services food trucker business will need to establish their online presence from web hosting to create a website to auto responders services to capture subscribers. While linking to those services with his affiliate link to earn affiliate commissions.

And finally he adds Google Adsense ads on his blog for that extra cash, along with adding an opt-in form to capture his website visitors emails for later promotions.

The website is

This technique made him $1,614 in 1 month


I Am No Programmer but I Sell Scripts

The freelancing world has opened another door of revenue stream to even affiliate marketers.

The idea here was simple; find something simple most of business websites need. Pat here found that all local businesses need to add a map on their website.

He then went to a freelancing website and hired a programmer to create a script that generates a clickable map. A simple script that I am sure didn’t cost him more than $150 but has high demand.

He then creates a website to offer a free version of the script where people can generate clickable maps online and have an option to upgrade to the paid version.

A very tiny niche and not saturated with competition added another income stream for him.

The website is

This technique made him $649.35 in 1 month


What we learned

There is an obvious pattern in these technique, find mini niche with low competition and design your website to suite how you plan to profit (your revenue sources).

It also shows us that affiliate marketing has a room for innovation, and can be done in various ways.

You will probably need an affiliate marketing training that can give you a head start if you are a beginner affiliate and want to get on your way to become a super affiliate with 5 figure income.


Online Business Reality

Reality check


All too often people get online to find a quick fix for their financial problem.

I’ll give you an example. My business partners and I see this kind of question a lot.  “Can I make money without investing any money?”

In fact, maybe you have the same question.

Here’s my short answer: It’s possible.

But here’s the online business reality.

Most newbies want to see results fast without investing any money. Depending on what business model you get into, 90% of the time it’s not possible to see results within the first week without any investment. Let’s get real here.  It’s much easier to implement any strategies if you have money to invest into running ad campaigns. If you were to take a look at it from another perspective, it’s no different than starting a brick and mortar business. But in that business model, you need to pay rent for your store, pay your employees, inventory, utilities, etc.

In most online business models, you don’t even need to have anyone to work for you when you’re starting out. (Though you can after your business takes off and you want leverage). You can work from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Your investment is pretty much investing into a proven business system that you can leverage, set up separate budget for ads, and learning the skills to build a successful business.


Money and investment wise, here’s the main difference; You’d need to invest minimum tens of thousands of dollars into building a brick and mortar business. Or for a franchise opportunity, it can be a lot more (some into the millions).  With an online business, you don’t need to spend as much. You can get started for as low as $30-$50 a month. But you still need to be serious in treating your online business like you would if you have a brick and mortar business. Most people don’t treat their online business like a real business.

If you absolutely have no money to spend, here’s what I suggest you do. You can build lots of free websites through Squidoo lenses and free websites like blogger, free wordpress, weebly, any web 2.0 properties basically. You don’t even need to get a hosting, domain or invest money in anything. The products can be something you pick off JVzoo, Clickbank or even CPA network. They’re free to join, (CPA network aren’t easy to get into though and it can be a whole new topic for me to write).  While you can make money with this approach, you will need to invest a LOT of time while being at the mercy of these websites. They don’t like affiliate marketers or any biz ops. Your free websites can be taken down at any time also if someone decides to be an ass and report you, just because they see you as a threat or they don’t like you for whatever reason.

Would I do the same thing if I had no money though? Not exactly, but that’s because I know how brutal it’d be to be at the mercy of other people/websites. I do use the web 2.0 properties but only for backlinking purpose.

Everyone’s different though. Some people may be okay to not be in control of their hard work for a while, as long as they get to generate some commissions.

If I was to build my business from scratch with no money, I would still find ways to find the money (garage sale,  sell services, do anything to get the money so I can get back on my feet). And then I would rebuild my business three times as fast within a short six months. Yep no kidding on that. Things I’d do immediately:

1) Buy a web hosting and a personal domain name
2) Install WordPress into my own domain
3) Use premium theme (just like what I use here for example)
4) Build my list immediately
5) Invest into a program that has massive momentum behind it and leverage it to sell.

I’m my own webmaster,  I have full control of what I want to publish or promote, and I don’t need to worry about anyone shutting down my website.

Here’s something to think about… Do you want a real sustainable and scalable online business, or are you just looking for a quick income fix? What are you willing to do?

-Val Geerken

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SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing

SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing

SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing

SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing

There has been a number of studies around SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing lately. So I thought of writing this and share how this can affect your business.

If you are going to stay around Internet Marketing or run your Online Business for the long haul, then you want to read this entire post. The comparison probably will force you to re-think how you want to communicate with your audience. If you have been struggling to make sales in your business, it will be beneficial for you to look into SMS Marketing early.

Email marketing has gotten to be more challenging than ever for Internet Marketers and small business owners. You have to decide where to spend your advertising budget each month. You also need to thoroughly think about how you want to communicate with your subscribers, leads or clients via your newsletters.  Recent studies have shown that the read rates for emails are not more than 20% and this number continues to decline.  With that said, I am going to give you an example to illustrate how this affects your business.

– Based on that 20% open rates (assuming if you get that at all), and you blast out 100 emails, 80 of them are not even going to be read by your subscribers, leads or clients. Leaving you with only 20 people reading your emails.

– And out of that 20 people, not everyone are going to click on your links or even check out whatever you’re trying to sell them.

– Let’s just assume a modest number of 10 people click on your links. Did you know that not all of them are going to buy?

– Let’s break it down further more…out of those 10 people, you would be lucky to have one to three buyers for your offer. In fact it is not surprising if you don’t even get sales with poor email open rates.

It is unfortunate but it is a fact…I am the girl who just says everything as it is. Internet marketing is all about numbers.

Let me ask you, how many times have you received an email and delete it before even reading it? That is because people refer to email marketing as spams. If you have been in online business, maybe it is time to be honest with yourself and re-think how you want to communicate digitally.

In comparison to email marketing, here is the break down on SMS marketing…

99% of mobile phone owners use text messages. 90% of the time people have their mobile phones within their arms reach (at all times). 94% of the time text messages are being read within the first three minutes.

It is fact that you need both traffic and leads that convert. No matter what you are trying to sell you need highly targeted audience and people who read your messages. From there, again it is all a numbers game.

This is why you want non-stop traffic and non-stop leads coming to you. 

Auto Recruiting Platform does it all for you. Highly targeted traffic that converts to leads. Leads that converts to buyers. And these are much higher quality leads than email audience. These are people who are ready to do business with you, and they give you the permission to send them text messages.  This is by far the best platform I have seen that happens to be a complete marketing solution for business owners.

The best part? SMS marketing is short and to the point. You don’t have to write a lengthy email newsletter. It’s like tweeting on Twitter in a way. 😉

This is the platform that all businesses online and offline need and will want to pay for. Imagine if your local dentist can blast this kind of messages:

“Get the smile you deserve. Free teeth whitening after initial check-up. $250 value. Call today. 555-555-5555” 

 Or if you want to promote your primary online business:

“Want to start a business? [URL] Click here to find out how I did it” 

 See how simple it is with text marketing?

This is your chance to get in at the ground level and take advantage of the benefits of becoming a founding member.

You have nothing to lose, check out Auto Recruiting Platform and watch the presentation. You will see why this is the ultimate platform that can quadruple, tenfold your sales in 2014 and beyond.

So what do you think the winner is? SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing ? You will know the answer once you watch the presentation. This maybe your answer to run a successful online business. 😉



Timing is Everything

I want to share a real personal story about “timing is everything“. In fact, it just happened this week.

I am a good friend of John and Janice (both are nicknames as I am protecting their identities), who happened to be ex boyfriend and girlfriend. They were in a long-term relationship from grade nine up to their second year at the university, until they broke up over twelve years ago. Janice eventually got married, and John got into another relationship. Janice just recently gave birth to her lovely first daughter.

They remain good friends, and even work together.  Late last month, John came to me and told me that he is still deeply in love with Janice. Even though he is in a relationship right now, he still has feelings for Janice. He is helping the girl he is with due to family issues. He told me honestly “I am not in love, but I am trying to love her”. He is obviously cheating his own feelings by being in this forced relationship. But I never told Janice about this, as I know she is married. Earlier this week, Janice called me and said she was divorcing her husband. All these time, she has apparently been in a very abusive relationship, her husband hit her often. I was shocked to hear this, as I never knew the details of their relationship. This must have been a really difficult situation for her as she just gave birth to her baby. I applauded her for being brave and leaving him.

On that call, she told me she was about to reveal a secret…

Janice: “Val, I wanted to tell you something crazy, please keep it a secret will you?”

Valerie: “Ok, what is it?”

Janice: (stopped for a moment)….”I still have feelings for John. What should I do??”

The thing is, neither of them ever told the other about how they each feel towards each other. I stopped for a second, trying to gather myself about how complicated this thing has become and I am somehow stuck in between the two of them.  It has been years since they broke up.  Within a minute I knew how I was going to approach the subject.  Knowing John’s personality, I knew he will not profess his love to Janice, especially that he had said “Loving someone does not mean of being with her physically”. Talk about true love.

Understanding the mutual deep feelings they have for each other, I told Janice to make the first move and tell him the truth. She was afraid of being rejected.  But I realized, this might have been the right timing for the two of them to start all over again.

She took my advice, and called him. She cried after she finished talking with him and both of them texted me at the same time.  Both broke down at the same time and ended up speaking from the bottom of their hearts. They were both relieved to find out the truth. They are working to find a way to be together, while staying true to who they are.  I know they both will fight for the right thing and treasure the second chance given to them.

This may have been the missing puzzle of happiness in their lives.  Had I not been friends with both of them, their true love would have remained buried deep down in their hearts. Had I not been actively stay in touch with both of them, I will not know the truth either. Everything has a reason. There is timing in everything.  Janice made the right decision, and she took my advice and told John the truth. This is a new chapter to their new beginning.

You see, there is a meaning in every chapter of your life, no matter what happens. It may be a small thing, or a big thing. But it always lead to something else, big or small. Be aware of your life, your surrounding, recognize opportunities. Not everyone got a second chance in life (love in this case) like John and Janice. If you stumble upon this post or my blog, it is not an accident. There are countless of blogs out there, countless of people telling their stories. But the fact that you are here, it is a special thing.  I am no one special, but I am glad I was able to help them do the right thing, share their burden, and lift them up. Their story inspired me that being successful in any aspects of your life requires efforts. Maybe we will learn from each other. Timing is everything.  Let’s see if we can inspire each other to do the right thing, reach the success you desire in life.


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