How To Be Rich Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually

How To Be Rich Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually

I know, I know, I know! You want to know these answers too. In fact, we all do and that is why you are here today.

People dream about being rich all the time, people dream about being great all the time. The problem is we tend to look for other’s approval to feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually. The truth is you don’t need other people’s approval to be rich in any aspects of your life!

I want to talk more about how maintaining a peace of mind is the critical foundation to be rich physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you have a peace of mind, everything in your body is in sync. Your mind dictates how you live your life. Your mind tells you what you should do on a day-to-day basis. Your mind is constantly moving from one thing to another. There is only one fine line between good and bad in your mind. Follow the wrong voice in your head, you will be evil for the day. Follow the right voice in your mind, you will be saint for the day. In essence, your mind is your boss. Here’s a secret I want to share with you today, “free your boss” and you will experience a different kind of world.  Right or wrong becomes clearer and no finer lines that will confuse you.

How exactly are you able to free your “boss”?

Here are some of my golden rules and steps you can follow:

  1. First of all, recognize the way and patterns of your thinking. There is a reason behind everything. When your “boss” is reacting negatively to something, recognize the source of that negativity. Cut loose that particular negativity and take a deep breath count backwards from 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 – and when you hit zero – stop and realize the sky is not falling. The world is still here.
  2. Break your chains to the ‘boss’; rather convert your ‘boss’ to be your ‘best friend forever’. When you reach this point, you basically just reaching your own universe to open up all the positive possibilities in your life.
  3. When your mind becomes your ‘best friend forever’ what do best friends do to you? In fact, your mind will be better than your best friend; it will be your primary source to reaching your ideal wealth. Your mind will encourage you and help you no matter what! And what does this means? Being rich physically, emotionally and spiritually is just around the corner. It becomes the next big thing that ever happens in your life. I want you to realize how important it is to reach this state of mind. It really is the key to everything!

Treat your mind with respect.

Treat your mind like you want to be treated.

This is my secret of “how to be rich physically, emotionally and spiritually“.  Your mind will be your very own best friend, partner or it will be your moody boss.

Six Tips To Become A Successful Enterpreneur

Tips To Become A Successful Enterpreneur

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My post below is in fact, will become your perfect companion to that course. Here are the 6 important tips to become a successful entrepreneur:

1) Define Your Dream, Vision and Goal Clearly.

This may sound simple but unfortunately many people do not even know what these are. Don’t get me wrong, people dream all the time. But they lack the actual vision and goal. They’d venture into something that sounds “too good to be true” because, well marketing makes it sounds so. They later realize that the business doesn’t work. In fact, too often it is not the system that do not work, rather the person refuse to put in the necessary work to succeed. They give up way too soon!

2) Train your mind to have the strength and resiliency of a Warrior

Mindset is the single most important thing whenever you venture into any business. If you have an experience running a business you know how important mindset is. Things will go wrong, things will fail, or you will not see results right away.  There is a cycle of ups and downs in any business. But through persistence, you will see the results you want!

3) Believe in Yourself 

When you are stepping out to do something completely different than what you are used to, there will be people who question your venture and may not even believe it. The same when you decide to jump into Empower Network through Big Idea Mastermind. But it is important that you believe in yourself and do it regardless. If you are not convinced in what you are trying to accomplish, guess what? It is likely that you will not achieve it!  Whatever new things you are trying to do, it is important to first believe in yourself.

4) Start with Smaller Goals

Some people are afraid of risks. The truth is there are always risks no matter what you do in life. You are always at risk of losing your own life. Your life is like a light bulb. At any given time, it can suddenly stop to work. And when that happens, nothing can be done. You have one shot to live the right way. Any aspects of your life can be improved by setting up a goal. Drive towards that goal, and it will be within your reach before you know it. The key is to keep going no matter what roadblocks you are facing. You can start with smaller goals and challenge yourself this way.

5) Live life the way you want to reach your success

This will be your daily chant to your inner self. You need to tell yourself to make the necessary changes to arrive at your success destination. You need to adjust your priorities. You need to realize that things will not be easy. And you will accept the responsibility that comes with success.

6) Avoid Negativity

There’s an old saying that says: “it takes only a few grams of poison to turn an ocean full of milk into an ocean full of poison”. The same applies to your surrounding. Start surrounding yourself with like-minded people. You will gain better understanding of yourself, and you will get the support you need from people who understand what you are going through.

So there you have my six tips to become a successful entrepreneur. If you apply what I teach you in the course along with promising yourself to take action, you will reach the success and wealth you desire.  Remember that you have a lot more power than you think.

How to Achieve Goals and Success: Baby Steps Are Important

Reach your life goals!


How to achieve goals? How to achieve success? No one make it big overnight. Whether your goal is to be successful, to be well known, to be wealthy…..all start with little baby steps. Right now, I’m looking at you and know that you have already reached a certain milestone in your life, and you already are a successful person. I want to show you why I said so.

Everyone in this world was a baby, no exception. When you hit that first milestone of walking…or saying your first word, holding your own spoon and feeding yourself, these were all your successful moments – your parents, grandparents or siblings may have been there and witnessed them. You do not remember them, but these are indeed your successful moments in life. That is also why I want to point out that you are very capable of replicating success and reaching your next milestone in life…whatever that is. There is a process to everything in life though.

When you were young, your brain and mind are non biased. If you are already a parent now, I am sure you’ve probably heard that children are like sponges. They soak up every information and you are responsible in shaping your children as well (but this is not the point now). In order to reach your next milestone, you need to empty up your cup and learn as a child would. You need to know how children’s minds work. Quite simply and amazingly, it’s not that difficult if you know how. Your mind is unique, you can program it however you want it to function. However, it does take some work to do so.

Whatever stage of life you are in now, and no matter what you are trying to accomplish, you need to follow a proven system and make changes that fits you and only YOU.  I am going to illustrate something else for you here….No one can buy shoes on behalf of you, only you will know whether those shoes are comfortable or not. You can read a bunch of reviews that says those pair of shoes are comfortable, but only you know if those are comfortable or not. Now, once you get those shoes, there’s a “breaking in” process. Do you know what these means? Those new shoes don’t get comfortable right away. The more you wear it the more they get comfortable. The same thing applies with whatever new things you are trying to add into your life. Whether it’s a new type of workout, a new business, a new job. Nothing works comfortably at first. This is especially true if you are trying to start a business. At no point will you be comfortable at the start. Whoever says differently, they are straight out lying. However, once you get the ball rolling, you’ll see how it gets easier and without you knowing it…living your dream is just right around the corner.

This is your simplified blueprint on how to achieve goals and how to achieve success. I know that you are capable of reaching everything in life as long as you are willing to adapt, make necessary changes,  take whatever necessary actions you need to do, and most importantly shape your mind to focus on reaching your goal.


Wealth and Money goes together

walk to the top

I want to start off by asking you what is your definition of “wealth”? This word means different things to different people in this world.  But we can probably agree that wealth may indirectly means money.  But I want you to start thinking about your “Current Wealth” and your “Dream Wealth”.

Let’s talk about your “Current Wealth.” Maybe you correlate this with your income and assets. The truth is, you may already be a wealthy person, but you have not realize it. Wealth comes in different forms. True, money is one of them, and yet there are still many different forms of wealth. If you are in a happy and successful relationship, that is a form of wealth.  When you have a happy family, that is a form of wealth as well. When you have a good health, you are wealthy, and so on. And the ultimate wealth is when you are in peace, happy and content with yourself. This is why I often say that wealth and money goes together.

Being content and happy with yourself is the ultimate bliss. Because simply, good things happen and automatically come to you when you are at peace with yourself. This shows in your face, in your aura and the positive vibes generated from you. Many people talk about mindset being the most important key to a successful life, but how exactly do you establish the right mindset?  You need to look deep into your life.  What things make you feel proud to date? You also need to ask yourself what and how would you like to improve your life and your loved ones. Write down your “Current Wealth” and your “Dream Wealth”.

Once you have that note in front of you, you can compare the results. Next, think about how exactly you are going to make your “Dream Wealth” a reality. If you can dream about it, you absolutely can reach it!! But you do need a solid game plan, and think subjectively.  We all went through being a baby and a toddler. You won’t remember any of this, but the point is, baby is a perfect example. Look at the baby’s development, from a newborn phase to being able to roll over on his/her own. From rolling over to finally sitting up, to crawling and attempting to stand up, and finally walk and run. This is the general outline of achieving your “Dream Wealth” and this principle can be used for literally anything!  Do not underestimate the power of baby steps.

We’ll talk about those baby steps next time and how you can make your dream a reality.



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