Your Dreams and Your Life

Do you realize how you spend your time is going to either take you closer to your dream, or further away?

Do you have a real actionable plan and commitment to create your dream life?

If you want real freedom and success, you need to be have at least one or all of the below:

1) Have your own business
2) Invest in Real Estate
3) Invest in trading, stocks market, etc

They are the three pillars of wealth.

If you want to be wealthy, you need to look into creating your own economy.   You’ll never have to worry with what may happen with the government, your job, etc. I laugh when people say they have job security with the companies they work for. I used to work for the biggest software company in the world. Just this past week, they announced that they were laying off 18,000 people. I know two people who got impacted and they were being let go…and these guys have families with young children.

Here’s another thing to think about…

Bill Gates have said that within 20 years from now, a lot of jobs will be replaced by software automation. (Here’s the link to the article)

If you’re not worried yet, well just think about it…technology is growing rapidly. Nuff said…

Let’s face it, you’re never going to be totally secure working for someone. You’re always at the mercy of your company or your boss.

Let’s talk about running your own business online…I believe there’s a science behind everything. This includes running and managing your online business. The science in making money online is in mastering traffic and build a HUGE (email and SMS) list.  The people who’re making the most money online are the people who spend the most money. They constantly buy traffic and re-invest their profit to scale up their business.

Here’s the painful truth and it may not sit well with you, if you’re down to your very last penny and are looking to make a quick buck, this isn’t the right industry to be in.  Find something in your house to sell, do a garage sale, stick to your job and live frugally so you can save up the money for your business. You can definitely find ways to get your “seed money” to start a business. No one became successful overnight and no one became successful without sacrifice and pain.

One of my good friends maxed out all her credit cards at one point in her life. She was committed to create her own life. She didn’t want to live in poverty, and wanted take control of her own financial life. And now she’s a multi millionaire, a CEO of multiple IT companies. Perhaps one of these days you’ll see her in Forbes magazine.

So get a clear vision of your dream life, and how you’re going to get there. Start working on your inner self. Surround yourself with positive people, read books, listen to or watch motivational speakers and successful people. Even if you’re surrounded by the most negative people, you can create your own positive surroundings by doing what I mentioned. When you change, your surrounding will change.

You can’t change your past, but you can make your future. Realize that your future is a guaranteed reflection of your current actions.


Val Geerken




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  1. John Matthews says:

    Since 2006 I’ve been trying to build a sustainable business online and I’ve even managed in 2010 to have a fabulous year, but things went down from there. I’ve encountered a lot of problems and failures along the way, but in 2010 I thought I made it: I was earning more than $1200 per month from my small, online business and I was great!

    But, because I didn’t reinvest in building other revenues, sites and so on, it all fell apart when the economy took a dive. Now I am trying to take what is good from that experience and build it once again. Thank you for this article!

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