How To Offer Value

offer value in business

offer value in business


I want you to lean in and read this short post closely.

Too often, we see marketers pushing people to buy something from their affiliate links. If you are on ten marketers’ lists, nine out of ten of them would asks you to buy something on a daily basis.

Stop treating this business like you are milking a cow (I know that is a very weird example, but then again I am not your typical entrepreneur). You need to stop asking people to buy something before you are someone of “value” in their eyes. Think of ways “how to offer value“, this should be a priority in your business.

I get people who asks me to join their business, add me to their friend’s list,  to do something for them, without me even knowing them. Most people are too busy being a “Me” Marketer that they do not realize everything in business is based off one thing…relationships.

Don’t you agree that it is the basic courtesy to at least introduce yourself before you be-friend someone, or before you even asking someone to do something for you? 😉

I love helping people, but I cannot believe how many “me” marketers out there.  If you wanted to work with a leader in this industry, ask if there is something you could do for them. If you wanted someone to join your business, offer them something of value before you ask them to join your business. People buy people. People do not buy business systems or programs. People want to hear how your program or system helps you in the first place. People buy products based on already established relationships.

You will see almost an immediate switch when you change your approach, people will notice that you are different. Be someone who are genuine and help others.

So before you start “selling” or “asking people to buy”, change your way of thinking to “How to offer value” or “how can I help you?”

This truly is the right way to have a long lasting business.

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  1. James565 says:

    A beautiful post! Absolutely stunning.


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