How To Set Up Your Mind For Success

Before we discuss further how to setup your mind for success, I want you to follow me as you read this, take a piece of paper and a pen. I’d like for you to write down and define what “Success” means to you…how to achieve the success you desire.
I’d like to share about myself a little more, you can also read more here. Everyone in my family is an entrepreneur.  In fact I’ve been the only one in our entire family from both sides of the family who had the opportunity to grind out the 8-5-work model.  Isn’t that fun?   The truth was, I wanted to reverse the process and experience working like everyone else here.
I was born in Indonesia and am the third generation of Chinese who was born theres. My grandparents were immigrants from China during the World War II. I used to hear real life stories about their hardships, how they made it there, and how they started their mini mart store from the ground up.  I also heard how my late paternal Grandmother used to sell home made popsicles and went door to door to make a living.  My Dad is a businessman, like my grandparents, who made money by working on his own business. He started off recording cassettes, and later, he teamed up with my uncle and one of his friends to start a cloth factory. He worked hard on his business, and he wanted to make sure that me and my younger siblings received proper and advanced education. He sent us to Singapore when I was 13. There were some advantages of sending us abroad, so even though it was way more expensive he always said it was worth it as long as we advanced our education. I later moved to the US for college, again this wouldn’t of been possible without my parents encouragement and my Dad’s belief in me. I graduated early, in three years.  International students pay an arm and a leg for tuition fees here. If a US citizen pays $350 for a 5-credit course, international students would be paying 10-20 times more than that.  That doesn’t include books and basic necessities like shelter and food. Another disadvantage of being an international student is that I wasn’t able to work legally here. Apart from working in campus (positions which always filled fast), I had no real options. I worked as a nanny once, it did not turn out well and I did not get paid after working for a month.  Looking back at that experience, I knew that I was taken advantage of.
Fast forward upon graduation. I must say I graduated at the wrong time, just shortly before the 9/11 incident happened in 2001.  Economy collapsed and like many other fresh graduates, I had a hard time looking for a job. Many International students went back to their respective countries, not only because of visa difficulties and the fact that living in the US without a job is …well … expensive!
I got married to my wonderful husband here that same year.  We struggled for a while but we kept our heads up and convinced each other that we’d both find jobs soon. After eight months of applying to various jobs, I finally landed a job at one of the biggest software companies. My career set off in the right direction, until I stumbled Internet Marketing in 2007. I had some ideas in my head but at that point I didn’t want to commit seriously (a mistake). But at the same time I managed to get into an export business where I became the middleman for a health product. It kept me busy along side of my full time job. While I earned good commissions from my export business, I realized this was not my true calling.  I was never satisfied within because I am not helping people along the way. I always enjoyed being the someone who really makes a difference in others’ lives. I left my full time job in 2010, started a part time job at home and continued my side business. I am fortunate that my husband is very supportive.  Soon afterwards, our daughter was born in 2011. This was a turning point in my life as I started to ask “ how can I spend more time with her, watch her grow and not miss a thing, and at the same time help others?”
My daughter fueled me with powerful energy inside, something that I never experienced before. When I looked at her it simply reminded me of what my parents did for me. I knew of all the love, hope and every positive thing you would want to give your child. I knew at that point that I want to give her the best life and give her as much as my parents have given me and more. I found my answer in Empower Network through Big Idea Mastermind team.  This, allows me to put forth my thoughts and communicate with you. I want to help you uncover your true power to be ultimately wealthy in all three aspects of your life: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Now, let’s go back to HOW you define success:
–       What does success TRULY means to you? Does it mean more time with your family? Self worth? More money? Better health? Less stress?
–       How do you plan to get to the top?
–       What fuels you up, what drives you to reach the top? What is YOUR WHY?
Once you know these answers, write them down. I want you to read out the questions and your own answers, clearly, confidently and absorb it. I want you to experience the feelings, emotions and sensation as you read these, which we will discuss further later on. Your why is the key for how to achieve the success you desire.   I promise you that these are the critical foundations to your success.
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  1. Thanks for the great read on visualization and motivation. Establishing what it is that truly drives you is a great way to keep on top of your game and ensure you are always focusing on your goals.


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