Online Business Models That Work

Online Business Models That Work

I often get people who contact me and ask where to start in the Online Marketing industry.  People often question me what online business models that work. I have been involved with different types of online businesses out there.

I want to share with you the business models that I have personally tested, used and proven for results.

With that being said, if you just pick one of my recommendations below, apply and work hard at it, I have no doubt you will get results.

Below are online business models that work.

online business models

I. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my favorite business models. If you promote the right offer or product, have great sales funnel, you are off to start generating a decent income. I do recommend that you buy and go through the product you want to promote before you start using it.  I personally do not promote anything blindly before using it myself. So anything I recommend has given me results, so I can therefore speak from personal experience. 

Go through the Clickbank or JvZoo websites and see what interests you. Publish your review on your blog, and create sales funnel before you drive traffic to it. It is that simple. 😉

II. Dropshipping

This is another one of my favorite business models. In this business model, you do not need to have inventory. You are utilizing the power of dropship suppliers to deliver the goods to your customers. You then post auctions on eBay or your own webstore. This model is straight to the point, and in most cases you don’t even need to talk to your customers. If you can do some basic research, can copy and paste, dropshipping is a perfect business for you.  If you are interested in pursuing this business model, my recommendation is sign up with DS Domination. All you need if you are on a tight budget is the basic membership. Copy and paste with simple research at the finest with DS Domination. Step by step program with complete laid out to start cashing in a few hundred dollars extra to a your first thousand dollars online. I have personally banked a few thousand dollars each and every month from dropshipping alone.

III. Offer Services to Other Marketers

This business model is free but you can get started if you have the following skills: writing, web design, graphic design, copywriting, SEO (search engine optimization), video creation, or even managing social media accounts for businesses. 

You can offer your talents or skills, and get started to work in places like fiverr or oDesk.  Many marketers outsource various tasks to these places. I started in this business selling and designing websites. If you have the skills above or are willing to learn new skills, then this is a good business model to start with. Do a little bit of research of what kind of tasks people are looking to outsource.  With zero start up cost, what more can you ask for? 😉

IV. High Ticket Programs

This is by far the best business model in my opinion.  You can promote these products for big commissions.  Rather than promoting $7 products, what if you could get 50% or even 100% commissions off hundreds if not thousands of dollars products? Would you want to choose the later? I think so 😉

These kind of programs often require higher investment and startup cost.  Once you understand the business, it is easier for you to scale up.  I personally love done for you systems or business in a box type of business in this category, just like this one. This system allows me to earn full time income from.

The biggest advantage to systems like this is 80% of the work is already done for you, and the rest is just a matter of driving traffic and watch your conversions.

V. Coaching Program

Coaching can be just for about anything. You setup a program where people can be hand guided for something that you are an expert for. Your coaching can be via one on one calls or Skype. If you are good at something, and people are willing to pay premium prices for, then you have something of value that people are willing to pay for. 

Being there and provide top notch support to your coaching clients can go a long way for your business. Don’t attempt to charge high prices when you first starting out though because no one knows you. Start small and work your way up.

VI. Product Creation

Are you good at cooking? Good at gaming? Enjoy writing and creating content to show your expertise in the subject of your interests? Then you should consider product creation. This is another great way of generating extras. There is a little bit of a learning curve in this business model however. You must learn how to write sales copy, setup your sales funnel properly, write follow up email sequences, and if you want to have better conversion, you may also need to consider adding video tutorials instead of ebook alone.  This business model is not for someone who are completely new to the online marketing industry, so I do suggest that you familiarize yourself with this industry before you launch your product.

Finally, I hope this post has been of help to you, especially if you are looking to start generating substantial income online. Any of these online business models that work can take you from broke to a six figure business. Pick one type of business model and stick to it until you start seeing some results. Give it a minimum of six months and be laser focused at it!  I promise you that you can make money online from home successfully. The problem people fail is because 95% of people online have the new shiny object syndrome! So make a commitment and stop product jumping.



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