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Success Recipe

How many times have you thought of this “I want to make money but nothing is working!” since you jumped onto the Internet Marketing space? Maybe you wanted to start a home based business or an online business but nothing is working. You have a BIG … [Read More...]


Value and Reasons

Six months or so ago, you found the "perfect" biz op. The compensation plan looked awesome. You were pumped up at the thought of finally making money online... You started daydreaming about firing your boss... Getting that family vacation... Buying … [Read More...]


Tofu Story

I was very little, but I remember this story very well, so I wanted to share it with you. Back in my home country, we often see food stalls along the road, all over the place really. One of my late Grandfather's cousins made tofu for a living. He was … [Read More...]


Your Dreams and Your Life

Do you realize how you spend your time is going to either take you closer to your dream, or further away? Do you have a real actionable plan and commitment to create your dream life? If you want real freedom and success, you need to be have at least … [Read More...]


Backlinks Made Easy

If you are looking to strengthen your online presence through blogging and videos, you need to know how to SEO. Have you noticed that every SEO forum or big blogs you stop by are constantly touting the power and necessity of backlinks? Must be a … [Read More...]


MLM Business Tips

It seems like new company pops-up every day in the network marketing industry, claiming that their products or services are going to revolutionize the industry. Often these companies get well-known individuals on board to endorse or even run the … [Read More...]


Why you haven’t succeed in life

People want to succeed in life but 98% of people fail miserably. One of my friends called me today. She told me "I'm itching to give my two weeks notice, I hate my boss, I want to quit so bad because my job sucks!" So...I told her that I'd give her … [Read More...]


Facebook Attraction Marketing Tips

Facebook Attraction Marketing Tips If you don't have a lot of budget, you can build strong followers and get leads to your business with Facebook. The problem is, I see a lot of people do social media marketing the wrong way every single day. They … [Read More...]

motivation is short lived

Why Motivation is Short Lived

In this video, I talked about the importance of finding your "ultimate fuel" and stop relying on "external motivation". … [Read More...]

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