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process of making money online

Process Of Making Money Online

Way too many people over complicate the process of making money online. So I wanted to break down the process in four simple repetitive steps. Here's the Simplified Process of Making Money Online #1) You need to have an offer. It can be a free offer … [Read More...]

lack of clarity

The Lack of Clarity Kills

For most people, Monday is just another long start in a new week. I never fail to see people complaining about Mondays. ;) I remember those days when I had to get up early to go to work. I did not like driving to work, or being at various meetings.  … [Read More...]


How to get good content for your website

  The biggest complain I have heard from people when it comes to blogging is "mental block/writer's block". People have a hard time to come up with good content for their website or even web 2.0 properties for back-linking purpose. I do both … [Read More...]


How to market a business

How to market a business online I was inspired to write this post after seeing a number of people who promote their business the wrong way. There has been countless of times where I was approached by marketers on Facebook who pitched their businesses … [Read More...]

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What is a squeeze page

I got this question a lot. What is a squeeze page? Basically, a squeeze page is where people put their email addresses in exchange for information. Sometimes a squeeze page is also called an opt in page, sign up page, subscription page, or a landing … [Read More...]



So you have a website and you want to drive traffic to it. You basically have two options to do this, you either do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or paid advertising method like PPC (Pay per Click). Of course you can do both too to get maximum … [Read More...]


How To Mobile Marketing

It is a given, whether you sell products online or not, that a solid internet presence is essential. Yet believe it or not, studies show that at least 46% of small businesses don’t have a website – a crazy statistic but unfortunately true.  But in … [Read More...]


Why Mobile Marketing Is Effective

  Businesses that are taking advantage of this new world of mobile marketing are seeing growth, capturing market share and experiencing great financial benefits.   By making mobile a central part of their marketing strategy, these savvy … [Read More...]


What Is Mobile Marketing

Lots of people still wonder what mobile marketing is all about. So I will be writing a series of mobile marketing articles, starting with this first part. Mobile marketing is a subset of internet or online marketing. Put quite simply, it refers to … [Read More...]

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