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Consistency is Key

What you really need to be successful

If you are on many marketers' email newsletter lists, you are probably used to seeing them asking you to buy product after product on a consistent basis. You would see all these emails from them asking you to buy "the latest and greatest product that … [Read More...]


Quick thoughts about MLM businesses

More people than ever are looking to supplement their income. There are so many network marketing (MLM companies) out there, but how do you decide which one to join? Over the next few weeks, I will be writing in depth reviews about various … [Read More...]

offer value in business

How To Offer Value

  I want you to lean in and read this short post closely. Too often, we see marketers pushing people to buy something from their affiliate links. If you are on ten marketers' lists, nine out of ten of them would asks you to buy something on a … [Read More...]

The Reality of Success

No Shortcut To Make Full Time Income Online

  I wanted to share what I have been up to and why I have not written in a while. My daughter started early learning pre-school last month. Needless to say, we have been going through a lot of adjustments at home. This has affected my effective … [Read More...]


Random: Juicing vs Blending

Something random I wanted to share about juicing and blending. I found this great infographic about juicing vs blending from MBG Wellness Expert Kris Carr.  Thought this was a great one to share if you are into juicing and blending. Juice keeps my … [Read More...]


All about the positivity

All about the positivity   Your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers. Or you can grow weeds. - T Harv Eker   So little words with a lot of meaning. Maintain a positive mind and watch yourself … [Read More...]

A video to set your day right :)

I wanted to share a video that can set your day right. :)   … [Read More...]

tips for local business website

Traffic Tips For Local Business Website

Traffic Tips For Local Business Website So I thought of addressing this after I spoke with a business owner over the weekend. There are many local businesses these days, a good percentage of them do not have websites. But many of the local business … [Read More...]

My 2014

My First Week In 2014

I hope you had a good start into the New Year. My first week in 2014...has been interestingly bad and good. I got into accident on Thursday, just two days into the New year. I was preparing dinner when my husband called and said he couldn't get … [Read More...]

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