Quick thoughts about MLM businesses

More people than ever are looking to supplement their income. There are so many network marketing (MLM companies) out there, but how do you decide which one to join?

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing in depth reviews about various business opportunities out there, including the good and the bad. But for now, I want to address this one question that I get from people often. “Is it possible to generate income from these MLM business opportunities?” My short answer, yes it is very possible. So here are my quick thoughts about MLM businesses

MLM is a legitimate business model despite what some people think. There are people who associate negative connotation when they hear the words “MLM” or “Multilevel Marketing”. The initial assumption is they are pyramid schemes. This is not true.  Here is the fine line and the primary difference… The first thing people ask you to do in a pyramid scheme is to pay a certain amount of money in order for you to start making money.  In most cases, pyramid schemes do not have products or services associated with it. This is not the case in MLM, because you only earn when you sell a product or provide a type of service.

There are various products or services offered in MLM companies. The products are usually ready to go to be shipped to your downlines or customers. In the digital network marketing companies however, you are looking at digital information products. These companies sell downloadable programs or information product. The biggest benefit to running an MLM business is that you have the company’s blueprint and marketing plan and you can earn commissions on a single effort.

The problem is most people are blinded with the ‘possible‘ benefits of MLM and how much money they can possibly make. The keyword here is “possibly“. The biggest mistake I see many people do is they start marketing to their close friends and family. While this can work, often times you will end up with some friction and may even be alienated by people who are more of acquaintances than friends or family.

It is important to know and be aware that there are downfalls associated with any business, this includes MLM businesses. The basic of all business is “selling” and you need to be prepared and be okay to do prospecting and talk to people. You need to be prepared that most people you sell to will say “No, thanks” to what you are selling. Working on a business is different than working for someone else, you need a GREAT deal of motivation and discipline to get your work done.

There are tons of MLM and business opportunities available. But before you venture or start a business, be sure to do extensive research of anything that you are interested in. Get all the relevant information, weigh in the good, the bad and most importantly, be ready to shape your mindset for success. You are required, to have a warrior mentality to be successful in the MLM industry.




  1. James565 says:

    This article made my day :) Very interesting, much to be learnt here


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