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I am going to analyze part of the March 2015 earnings report for super affiliate named Pat Flynn.

I think it can give us all great insights on how to top affiliate marketers earn their affiliate revenue online and the techniques they use.

He made a gross of $153,397 so this huge number sure came from multiple sources, so let’s get started.


Product Creation

Being an affiliate does not stop you from owning your own product, which can be an ebook.

What Pat did was create an e-book for this super mini niche “leed exam” and created a non-blog site, just a normal website that have many resources on the topic while promoting his ebook on the website through banners.

The website is

This technique made him $2,617 in 1 month


Job Boards Earnings

Here is also picked a small niche “security guards”, then created a normal website with regular home page and about us page, then he added the following sections:

  • Search Page
  • Directory
  • Blog

Search Page: That’s how he makes his affiliate income, he was aware of an affiliate program that pays per search (at, whenever someone will do a job search then Pat gets paid an affiliate commission.

He integrated their script in his Search Page and he made $93.13 in 1 month, this shows you why Pat decided to enter the “security guards” niche in the first place, as it is the perfect place for jobs search affiliate programs like

Directory: In an effort to make his website complete and develop trust with his website visitors, Path created a directory for security guards schools; this just adds another type of content and visitors engagement on his website

Blog: Having content on your website via blogging has its endless benefits as they give you the option to have content ads & banner ads…etc while helping you to establish your authority in the niche and therefore gaining trust that can lead to affiliate sales.

Another thing Pat did was add Google’s Adsense ad across all pages of his website which generated him ads revenue of $3,162 in 1 month

He also added an opt-in form also across all pages which helps him to capture visitors emails and sell them affiliate offers and that made him affiliates earnings of $122.94

The website is

This technique made him $3,379 in 1 month


Taking an Offline Niche…Online!

In this technique Pat found an offline niche “food truck business” which is about people who sell food on the street on a truck. Now there are 5 obvious reasons he might have selected this mini niche:

  • Target audience is willing to invest over $100
  • They are very hungry for information as they are business men/women
  • Highly motivated to take actions
  • Low SEO competition (tons of easy traffic)
  • Target audience have multiple product (meaning can sell them multiple solutions/products)

Using the above 5 reasons he structured his website accordingly.

The main profit source he used was created a product to help food truck business, which is a series of ebooks and guides packages. Selling them for price ranging from $47 to $197

He made monthly profits of $1,511 from this product sales.

He also made sure that the buy now page does not have any links to the other parts of his website (blog…etc). That’s because at this point he doesn’t want them to be saying “Oh, I can read his blog and I don’t need to buy his book”. He needs them to think the only valuable source of information at this point is in his product.

In order for him to sell his packages, his visitors need to make sure he knows what he is talking about, that’s why he added a blog section to fill it with content that builds trust.

And he also added a podcast section, which is a collection of online podcasts on food truck business. This gives his website visitors a new type of content to enjoy and makes them feel they are getting more information on the food truck business then they hoped from 1 website.

Another source of income he used is to get affiliate commission from multiple products, giving how food truck business seekers will pretty much have no online presence (website) and no internet marketing framework (lists). He decided to seize this opportunity to help food truckers establish their online presence to promote their business.

He created a resource page on his website, it lists all online services food trucker business will need to establish their online presence from web hosting to create a website to auto responders services to capture subscribers. While linking to those services with his affiliate link to earn affiliate commissions.

And finally he adds Google Adsense ads on his blog for that extra cash, along with adding an opt-in form to capture his website visitors emails for later promotions.

The website is

This technique made him $1,614 in 1 month


I Am No Programmer but I Sell Scripts

The freelancing world has opened another door of revenue stream to even affiliate marketers.

The idea here was simple; find something simple most of business websites need. Pat here found that all local businesses need to add a map on their website.

He then went to a freelancing website and hired a programmer to create a script that generates a clickable map. A simple script that I am sure didn’t cost him more than $150 but has high demand.

He then creates a website to offer a free version of the script where people can generate clickable maps online and have an option to upgrade to the paid version.

A very tiny niche and not saturated with competition added another income stream for him.

The website is

This technique made him $649.35 in 1 month


What we learned

There is an obvious pattern in these technique, find mini niche with low competition and design your website to suite how you plan to profit (your revenue sources).

It also shows us that affiliate marketing has a room for innovation, and can be done in various ways.

You will probably need an affiliate marketing training that can give you a head start if you are a beginner affiliate and want to get on your way to become a super affiliate with 5 figure income.


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