What is the green room trading

There has been a lot of hypes and talks about The Green Room lately. My husband decided to join the Green Room as he had been interested in Currency Trading. So I am going to cover what it is and what it is not. We will go through the pros and cons.

What is the Green Room Trading?

It is a binary trading/Forex program created by professional traders to help newbies and advanced traders. It is a place where the expert traders help people make money with binary trading. The leaders would give you trading signals when the time is good to “buy”. The simplicity makes it so anyone regardless their level of trading experience can come in, and start making money.  It is a done for you trading.  Additionally, affiliates can get some commission each time they refer someone to the Green Room. There are a number of Internet Marketers and Network Marketers in this room as well.

What is Binary Trading?

If you are not familiar with Binary Trading, you basically make money by predicting global currencies. Read more about Binary Trading in Wiki. The ultimate goal is to predict whether the market price for a certain global currencies will go up or down by your “chosen” time frame. The expiration time can be set anywhere from sixty seconds to half an hour (typical). Look at the image below:

Binary Trading Currency

It is by far one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money in the financial markets. If you are a beginner or an expert looking to add another stream of income, binary trading is a positive way to diversify your income FAST.

These sounds good! Are there cons?

1) If the idea of sitting in front of the computer waiting for a signal to be called turns you off,  then this may not be for you. These guys do this for a full time living. They do all the readings and predictions.

2) Patience is key. If you don’t have much patience in general, this is not a good opportunity for you.  These guys are looking for certain patterns, they study the market intensively.  Often you will hear them say something like “Get setup  for this currency“, but the next thing they would say “No trade on that one“. And of course, if you want to have a career as a trader, you will also need to learn from the best. Even if you simply want to add another stream of income, you still need to be patient.

3) Expect to lose some money in the process. You can expect to see over 10 wins and 3 losses in a day. Let’s be real here, the risk of losing is always there. While the Green Room has a great leadership and risk management team, it does not discount the fact that you still need to learn to trade smart. Never risk everything you have in your account.

4) This is also not for you if you want to gamble and do your own thing. After all you are trading with the professionals. Trading is a form of business after all.  You will need to be accountable for your own action. By joining the Green Room Trading , you will know learn and know exactly what to avoid, and be a smart trader.

What else do you need? 

You will need to sign up with a broker associated with the Green Room and deposit a minimum of $250 to start trading (Goptions, Redwood, etc).  The membership is $100 per month. A small fee compare to what you are getting, you can perpetually be in profit within the first 24 hours like everyone else. If you already have an existing account with your broker, that is perfectly fine. The pro traders generally do 10-15 trades a day, it can be more or less. Other than that, just be present by calling in.  Be ready to press a button when they give you a signal to buy. The final decision is still yours if you decide to not buy.

How to join? 

Anyone can now join the Green Room and even get free trial to see how it works.  You can only join someone who are already in the Green Room itself. This room is growing FAST, they have high success rate. If you are interested in joining, click here and test drive the program for free.

Final words…

So now that you know what is the green room trading all about, is it worth joining? If your goal is to double your ROI, then this is absolutely a good opportunity to do so with the right leaders. If you can push a button at the right time, give it a shot and see what happens. They are the first in the industry. As with anything, once you join, make sure you follow the Green Room rules. My tip to you, trade responsibly.

This post will be updated regularly to reflect the current status of the Green Room. Hope this review has been of help to you. Leave a comment below.



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