How To Be A Successful Marketer

how to be a successful marketer


It’s too crowded at the bottom; hundreds of thousands of people get into the home-based business industry daily. Imagine that for a second, that’s a lot of people from all around the world looking to start a business and work from home.

So How To Be A Successful Marketer?

I’m here to inspire and give you some tips today on how you can be a successful marketer and run a successful business from home.

I want you to keep this in mind; no one started out and became successful overnight. Successful people went through lots of errors and failures. But there’s one thing that you must establish early. The absolute #1 rule you must abide by to building a sustainable online business is: brand yourself early.

People do business with people they like and resonate with. The only way you can get clients to like you is by being yourself. Don’t envy others; don’t be someone else, everyone else is already taken. Just be you.

Branding yourself early will get you the right people who’d follow you and naturally like you. You’ll build a core group of followers who believe in your vision and what you do. And for this reason, you need to be 100% clear on your own vision. Gain clarity on how you want to achieve success, and where you want to be in five years (in case you missed my email yesterday, here’s the blog post).

The next thing you need to do is create a website with you as the brand. Think of a website or a personal blog like a name card. People come to see you and find out what you offer (products or services), and decide if they want to do business with you. Make sense?

I always recommend people getting their own blog and start their own website for this reason. Not in other people’s domain, not a free blog, but your own domains where you have full control of it. This is all part of personal branding effort that can take you far. Many people don’t brand themselves; they brand the company they’re promoting (i.e. if you’re in network marketing /mlm for example). This is a HUGE mistake. While, yes you do need a product to promote, you also need to be your own businessperson. Meaning, everything is customized to you or your business name, down to your very own sales funnel.  If the company you’re promoting goes down, then what happens next? You’re dead in the water. And quite the opposite, if you’re branding yourself, your followers will follow you wherever you go.

Most newbies immediately assume that making money online is easy. Let me be the bearer of the bad news – that’s marketing for ya!

If only it was that easy, everyone would have been a millionaire by now. But why are the failures rate SO darn high in this industry? 98% is not a laughing matter.  Because most people came to this industry with the wrong mindset; they are looking for easy fix to their financial situation, and unwilling to do what’s required to get the result.

It’s just like this, people buy anti aging products, but why can’t they fully get rid of the wrinkles? Even though the advertisement says people can remove all their wrinkles with it?

People buy weight loss supplements but why are people still not losing weight?

I hope you know the answer to why people still buy the products, right?

It’s marketing.

Supplements can help but it’s what you put inside your body that matters.

The same thing applies here with every online biz ops ads you come across. It’s marketing. But the ultimate product is you (not the biz op).

If you want to promote that particular product or biz op, you must first familiarize yourself with the product, believe in it, and use it yourself. If you don’t even believe and use it, how can you know that your product is the solution to people’s problems?

You want to establish yourself as the trusted brand that your audience go to. Because many of them will continue to be your long term loyal followers and customers.

Think of a brand that you personally use and love. Why do you keep using the same brand? From clothing lines, food, soap, supplements, anything really – you already have your own preference.

That’s exactly the same with online business regardless what niche you’re in. When people like you, they’ll come back to you because they know you’re the trusted source regardless how many competitors you have out there.

Bottom line – brand yourself, build your own followers,  you can promote whatever business and people will still buy from you. You can learn more about branding yourself and set yourself apart from your competition on my free 10 days Online Business Bootcamp.

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