5 Things That Guarantee You To Be Successful Online


I want to break down the five things you need to focus on if you want to make money online month after month, year after year, for the rest of your life.

Here they are:

1) Build your list.
2) Identify who your audience are. Research their problems and come out with the solution (i.e. you and products you promote).
3) Learn copywriting.
4) Do videos.
5) Network with other successful people.

I’m going to break these down for you.

I’ll start with #1 – List building. This is your only asset in your online business. This is the only thing that you can take with you anywhere you go (even if you jump into another biz op).  SEO changes all the time and you must follow the white hat rules to stay in Google’s game. Social media constantly change too. Take Facebook for example, just within the past 10 months alone, they’ve changed the algorithm on fan pages, and just in the recent weeks, they changed the algorithm on personal profiles. Many social media marketers were affected by this. This is why the only thing that matter is your list (email & SMS).  You have full control on your list.

As a side note, you can’t be cheap when it comes to auto responder. If you go with a cheap unreliable service, you’re going to kick yourself when something happens.

#2 – Identify your core audience. I got this wrong when I first started.  You can’t market to everyone. For example, if you’re in the body building niche, you can’t market to people in the golf niche. You just don’t speak the golfer’s language. Does that make sense?  Once you figure your target audience, tailor your content to fit your target market. Come up with a solution for them, because it’s all about giving your market what they want.

#3 – Learn copywriting. One of my mentors actually told me the importance of copywriting. It’s one of those things that most marketers don’t care about. Let me ask you. If you’re an online marketer, what industry are you in exactly? 😉 Wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to write properly so that you can easily convince your prospects to work with you? Everything is associated with copywriting; From sales funnels, sales pages, online ads, to your daily email newsletters.  You won’t become a good writer overnight, but I can promise you this is the one skill that you can take anywhere, and make you money. There are full time copywriters, and great copy writers can charge anywhere between $10k to $25k per one writing gig.

English is my third language, and I hated writing throughout high school and college.  You may even write better than me and notice all my grammar mistakes. 😉 It didn’t stop me from writing.

#4 – Do Videos. Many people avoid doing videos. They don’t want to be anywhere near the cameras. They simply hate seeing themselves on videos. I didn’t like being on videos before , I’m not going to say that I love being on videos now either. I challenged myself because I wanted to stretch outside of my comfort zone. Was it easy? Heck no lol. I deleted my videos over and over again until I ‘semi approved’ myself.

Let me just tell you this, videos convert very well and they’re free. No matter what your niche is, your audience is already hanging out on video websites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. You don’t always have to show your face, but you must be willing to do videos if you want to be so much more ahead than your competitors. I’ve done videos in different niches and here’s the best part. They convert to free super targeted traffic. I lost counts how many times I’ve gotten buyers from videos that I put up 2+ years or so ago, and these leads turned buyers without me having to talk to them. This is true passive income.

#5 – Networking with other successful people.  You’ll learn a lot from these people. Go to an event, work with a mentor, connect with other business owners or people in the same industry as yours. Surround yourself with positive people who’ll lift you up and see the potential in you. Entrepreneurs tend to be lonely while walking on this path to freedom, unless your family are entrepreneurs too, no one will understand what you go through. Again this is why it’s important to surround yourself with successful people, you’ll learn from them and you will want to follow their footsteps.

So there you have all the 5 important factors you absolutely must have if you want to make money online forever. This is about building a real business and what it takes to be successful.

Will this guarantee your success though? I can’t guarantee anything, because I don’t know what you’ll do with everything I’ve mentioned. You can run with it or do nothing with it. The only person who can guarantee your success is you.


Val Geerken

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