How to market a business

How to market a business online

I was inspired to write this post after seeing a number of people who promote their business the wrong way. There has been countless of times where I was approached by marketers on Facebook who pitched their businesses to me. In fact, some of them were downright ‘rude’ in my book; such as sending a message without greetings and went straight to pitch “Join me HERE, you’ll grow your business FAST“. My thoughts were…”Let me think for a second…who are YOU and WHY should I join you?” ūüėČ

You should first build a rapport before you attempt to ask anyone to join your business. And in my experience,  blogging is a wonderful way to market both your business and your brand.  Additionally,  text marketing and email marketing also help you in building and maintaining relationships with your followers and prospects.


How to market a business online via blogging

If you are an internet marketer, a product creator or network marketer,  your blog should be used as a way to communicate and provide value to your followers and prospects. You do not want to use your blog as pure advertising platform. I have seen a lot of blogs that are overloaded with graphics. This is a turn off to anyone who comes across your blog. You want to keep your blog as clean and professional as possible.

So how to market a business online via blogging exactly? Your blog should be filled with content that can also prove that you are an expert in your niche. You should aim to be a problem solver in your field, this will make you valuable and respectable in your field (think authority). People often ask me how to market a business online with blogs and what are the benefits of blogging? Well it comes down to one thing.  You will have a lot of influence to your followers and prospects, which will result in future sales. Business is all about relationships, and your blog is the bridge to your followers.


While at this, I want to share a little bit of tips on how to market a small business online via blogging as well.

How to market a small business online via blogging

Many small business owners do not blog. In fact, if you are one of them, you are already leaving a lot of money on the table.

Blogging has been exceptionally simplified today with WordPress (the most popular blogging platform). You can easily install with a few clicks via your webhost and get up and running within minutes. (I cover this in my bootcamp, so feel free to take advantage of my free bootcamp if you have not already). Of course, if you want to customize your blog, it can take a little bit more time and some know how. When you blog, you can connect and share relevant and timely information with your customers and clients.  In an essence, it is a way you communicate directly with them. Your blog can be the most powerful content marketing platform.

We are in a digital technology era now that any business without websites or any online presence, cannot sustain and compete other businesses with websites.¬†And today we are definitely¬†seeing a lot of the world population spending their time online. If your business do not have a blog, you are losing out to your competitors.¬†I have seen time and time again people look for information online for nearly everything. People go online to check out local deals, restaurants, events, etc …¬†from home,¬†while on the go, via their mobile phones.¬†¬†So if you think you are doing well without a website or a blog, think again.

If you are a business owner who already have a website, you also want to make sure that your blog is mobile optimized. More people are spending time online via their mobile devices.  Fortunately, many blog themes are already mobile compatible. For example, I use Genesis theme for my blog on , and it is by far one of my favorite themes.

How to market a business example…

Say you own a Japanese restaurant in Los¬†Angeles. Then there is¬†a tourist or someone who¬†just moved to Los¬†Angeles, and is looking for a Japanese restaurant. The most common keywords being used would be something like “Best Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles“. Now,¬†there are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Los Angeles. Guess what? The first few results in Google would be the place the person go visit.¬†Now think about this if your “potential customer”¬†see how you engaged you are in your blog, people are 90% more likely to go visit your restaurant. You can also give “live discounts” via blogging on your blog. Something like¬†“Friday only discount, buy one entree get another free – lunch only offer”. ¬†And don’t forget to share this on your social media account and let it go viral. ¬†You may think that you do not have a lot to write about Japanese restaurant, there are tons that you can write about; From your menu, to pictures of your chef cooking mouth watering dishes, and even traditional Japanese cooking. Many people appreciate this type of story.


Bottom line, if you are a business owner,  you can maximize your profit without much out of pocket costs by leveraging content marketing a.k.a by blogging.  Blogging is powerful and can bring you fresh leads and customers.

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