Value and Reasons

Six months or so ago, you found the “perfect” biz op.

The compensation plan looked awesome.

You were pumped up at the thought of finally making money online…

You started daydreaming about firing your boss…

Getting that family vacation…

Buying your dream house…

And so much more you wanted to do!
your dream


But today, you’re still struggling to make your first sale.

Reality kicks in.

Your loved ones think you’re pursuing a pipe dream.

You’re frustrated and you’re starting to doubt yourself.

Your dreams are shattered…



If this is you, keep reading because I’m about to un-shatter your dreams.

I see people complaining with a question like this:

I’ve been online for six months but no one is buying from me“.

Six months of being online without making a single sale is the typical results of the 98%ers in this industry.

Many more people struggle for more than a year without results.  I don’t blame them though. When people first jump into Internet Marketing scene, they tend to follow the wrong crowd. If they see others spam, they’d spam. If they see people posting pictures flashing money, then they’re going to do the same thing.

Look, no one is going to buy into that because people have their guards up even more than before. They’re used to being pitched all the time. They’re used to seeing fake pictures all the time…

Want to know the real issue here?

People may not like you as a marketer. You may be thinking now “Huh, what are you talking about, people love me, what do you know!”


It’s not about you as a person, but you as an online marketer, as an online entrepreneur.

The good news is, I can help you fix that.

Start implementing these V&R into your business:

#1 Give people value
#2 Give people reasons to buy from you, (not others or your competitors)

Sounds easy isn’t it? Just about. But people screw it up all the time. 😉

If you don’t do #1, you don’t differentiate yourself from the majority of that 98% people who fail in this industry. That’s a recipe to failure.

I just gave you a recipe how to fix it.

So how do you give value?

By learning yourself, then do it yourself, and then teach others how to do it.
(keywords: read, listen, and watch)

You need to find out people’s problems, be a good listener and provide a solution.

Think about it.

If your approach is always a pitch fest, what makes you different than everyone else they’ve seen?  Most people are going to be annoyed and swear to not buy anything from you.

This applies to wherever you relay your messages (i.e. newsletters, videos, Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.).

What about #2?  This is another one where people screw up even more than #1 😉

Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Be yourself and be someone people can relate to.  Model several people while still being your very self.

You don’t need to be a salesman. Rather you just need to know how the product that you’re promoting is going to solve other people’s problems. Sell them the benefits of owning the product. When you do this, most of the selling is already done on its own.

I spend a lot of time showing people how to do different things online, the process, etc. And you can do the same in your business.

You need to stop thinking “what’s in it for me”, switch that around and please your leads first. People don’t care about you; they don’t care about your business or compensation plan. They care about themselves and they look for people who resonate with them.

Until you give people tons of value and reasons for them to do business with you, you don’t have a business.

If you don’t implement these two things, you’re never going to be successful online.

It’s like you desire to have your own personal anytime ATM machine. But well, I’m sorry to say that’s not going to happen. You need to first build that ATM machine because it’s not going to magically appear out of nowhere.

You can un-shatter your dreams right now by implementing V & R into your business.

That’s exactly how money flows into your ATM machine.

Once you make your first sale, it’s all about repeat and scaling up.


Val Geerken

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