Online Business Reality

Reality check


All too often people get online to find a quick fix for their financial problem.

I’ll give you an example. My business partners and I see this kind of question a lot.  “Can I make money without investing any money?”

In fact, maybe you have the same question.

Here’s my short answer: It’s possible.

But here’s the online business reality.

Most newbies want to see results fast without investing any money. Depending on what business model you get into, 90% of the time it’s not possible to see results within the first week without any investment. Let’s get real here.  It’s much easier to implement any strategies if you have money to invest into running ad campaigns. If you were to take a look at it from another perspective, it’s no different than starting a brick and mortar business. But in that business model, you need to pay rent for your store, pay your employees, inventory, utilities, etc.

In most online business models, you don’t even need to have anyone to work for you when you’re starting out. (Though you can after your business takes off and you want leverage). You can work from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Your investment is pretty much investing into a proven business system that you can leverage, set up separate budget for ads, and learning the skills to build a successful business.


Money and investment wise, here’s the main difference; You’d need to invest minimum tens of thousands of dollars into building a brick and mortar business. Or for a franchise opportunity, it can be a lot more (some into the millions).  With an online business, you don’t need to spend as much. You can get started for as low as $30-$50 a month. But you still need to be serious in treating your online business like you would if you have a brick and mortar business. Most people don’t treat their online business like a real business.

If you absolutely have no money to spend, here’s what I suggest you do. You can build lots of free websites through Squidoo lenses and free websites like blogger, free wordpress, weebly, any web 2.0 properties basically. You don’t even need to get a hosting, domain or invest money in anything. The products can be something you pick off JVzoo, Clickbank or even CPA network. They’re free to join, (CPA network aren’t easy to get into though and it can be a whole new topic for me to write).  While you can make money with this approach, you will need to invest a LOT of time while being at the mercy of these websites. They don’t like affiliate marketers or any biz ops. Your free websites can be taken down at any time also if someone decides to be an ass and report you, just because they see you as a threat or they don’t like you for whatever reason.

Would I do the same thing if I had no money though? Not exactly, but that’s because I know how brutal it’d be to be at the mercy of other people/websites. I do use the web 2.0 properties but only for backlinking purpose.

Everyone’s different though. Some people may be okay to not be in control of their hard work for a while, as long as they get to generate some commissions.

If I was to build my business from scratch with no money, I would still find ways to find the money (garage sale,  sell services, do anything to get the money so I can get back on my feet). And then I would rebuild my business three times as fast within a short six months. Yep no kidding on that. Things I’d do immediately:

1) Buy a web hosting and a personal domain name
2) Install WordPress into my own domain
3) Use premium theme (just like what I use here for example)
4) Build my list immediately
5) Invest into a program that has massive momentum behind it and leverage it to sell.

I’m my own webmaster,  I have full control of what I want to publish or promote, and I don’t need to worry about anyone shutting down my website.

Here’s something to think about… Do you want a real sustainable and scalable online business, or are you just looking for a quick income fix? What are you willing to do?

-Val Geerken

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