Personal Growth and Your Business

In the past few years, I have been working with small business owners and with people who want to start a business. One of the most common problems I see is that people do not have faith or a belief system in place. Don’t confuse faith with religion here, the faith I am talking about has nothing to do with religion.

I have seen time and time again that people who failed in their business did not do so because they were not smart enough, but it was because they did not strong enough faith that they could success.  I am often speechless when people say things like “it is okay for others to be successful, I don’t have what they have”.   Most people don’t realize that all it takes to be successful is to get started. You don’t need to know how to code, you don’t need to know how to design webpages, you won’t always know how to connect the dots right away. Heck, there are many things I still don’t know how to do but I strive to figure it out. You will stumble along the way, but if you have faith in yourself, you will figure out how to run a successful business. 

Personal Growth and Your Business

Today, I want to talk about why personal growth and your business go hand in hand.  

If you think personal growth and your business has nothing to do with each other, think again. Many companies hire personal growth or peak performance coaches to produce better results. It is more common than you think now, and you may be wondering why. Often times companies, owners,  and entrepreneurs hit a plateau and cannot get growing as they did before. The reason behind this is a lack of personal growth. 

This plateau could be caused by various reasons. Fear of taking the next step, fear of taking a big risk, not knowing what to do next, or being too comfortable with their current status. What is the number one rule to success? It is to step out of your comfort zone , and constantly be stretching yourself beyond your “limits”. The problem is we cannot always see the blind spot. After all, it is called a “blind spot” for a reason. 

Personal Growth and Your Business Matter

If you ever hit a plateau in your business. Consider hiring a coach. Working with someone or a peak performance coach can help you move past your obstacles. Sometimes, all you need is for them to show you what needs to be done to move past the current problems with your business. Whether you believe it or not at this point, personal growth and your business are tied together.  Think about this…

  • You cannot start a business without a belief system. It is far too easy for people get in a habit of being self defeating. In fact, many people do this without realizing it. 
  • Your belief system is tied with your personal growth. 
  • You cannot grow your business without investing into yourself: a.k.a again, the personal growth. “Your income can only grow to the extent you do – T Harv”

You must recognize and understand that your beliefs contribute to your success. In order to fully believe in yourself, you must work from the inside and dream even bigger. Your dream can turn into a reality when you believe in yourself. 


Consider this, “if people are not laughing at your dream, your dream is not big enough – Grayson Marshall”

You must first acknowledge that your business is already growing. Then you need to envision how your life will change with that. 
Make personal growth as part of your life and your business, consciously and subconcsiously. When you realize how important this is to your overall being and your success, you will direct all your thoughts, energy and full focus to make things happen. Personal growth and your business are tied together. Make a goal to make it part of your daily routines.

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