Process Of Making Money Online

Way too many people over complicate the process of making money online. So I wanted to break down the process in four simple repetitive steps.

process of making money online

Here’s the Simplified Process of Making Money Online

#1) You need to have an offer. It can be a free offer (a bait) or it can be a hot product in demand. If you don’t have anything to sell, you don’t have a business. It’s that simple.

#2) You need to know how to setup a squeeze page/landing page. If you don’t know how, it is time to learn and master how to build a squeeze page. This is how you capture your leads email addresses, or even mobile numbers if you’re doing SMS marketing in addition to email marketing. There are several ways of doing this. But it comes down to either giveaway some type of free offer or redirect people to a sales page.

Giving people some type of free valuable offer is a great way for building relationships and establishing trust.  This is also why I love blogs. Your blog can be used as a central marketing platform to connect with your followers, readers and subscribers. Give away all your knowledge and your training. People automatically see you as someone they can trust. Sales come naturally from this process alone.

If you choose to promote a hot product and hook up your squeeze page to a sales page, then consider this… you need to show yourself before redirecting your leads to the sales page. Ideally a video introduction stating who you are, and what your leads are about to see on the next page. It is just like you are introducing yourself like you would if you were to meet someone new in real life. Most marketers are sending their leads from cold traffic directly to a sales page, and this is a very bad practice. Only a very small percentage of people will buy right away. More than 80% of people who are presented the offers will not buy right away, and this is why your follow ups are important.

#3) Re-Invest your profits into scaling up. Most people don’t do this. If you promote high tickets offers, let’s just say you make $3000 commission. Think about reinvesting at least 20% of that profit into scaling up. Buy paid traffic, scale up your SEO, outsource more so you can get more done by leveraging a virtual assistant, etc. If you want to scale up to a six figure business fast, this is the fastest way to do it.

#4) Rinse and repeat. Once you get that down, all you need to do is repeat the process. Test, tweak, and repeat the whole process above. 

As you can see, the process of making money online is dead simple. You can get up and running in four simple steps.


process of making money online


Now listen up…I am going to let you in a little secret as you go through this process of making money online.

People don’t buy products. People buy people. People don’t like to be sold to, but they love to buy.

Think about it as you read that and put yourself in the same situation. Do you like to be pitched at…? Exactly…;)

Give out your best value upfront. Give and give more. Don’t even think of profit when you start. Let them come to you and make their own decision. And trust me this is the only way you will start making money online. As harsh as this may sound to you, you can’t expect to make quick bucks in this industry. If you’re broke to your last penny, don’t turn to the Internet to start making money. It won’t happen overnight.  However, if you’re broke but willing to put in a lot of work, you will see results in 6 monthsThe key is be consistent. 

Start learning and implementing.

-Val Geerken

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