The Shocking Society Lies

First, let me ask you.

Have you ever felt like either society and family expectations led you down the wrong path?

Maybe you’ve heard it all along, like an old broken record in fact.

You must do well in school and go to college.

Then get a good job.

Once you graduate, you work like everyone else.

Then your family expect you to get married and have kids.

And pretty much you spend the rest of your life working for someone else like majority of people on this planet.

These so called “truth” is nothing more than ‘society made up lies‘ that lock you up and prevent you from breathing freely. You’ll never achieve full freedom until you unlock the truth.


I read a recent article posted on the Entrepreneur’s website, an interview with Barbara Corcoran. You can read the full article here.

I fully resonated with what Barbara said. I went through a hell lot of challenges when I was a young kid.  I was emotionally tortured because of this so called ‘society and family expectation‘. Now that I’m a mother and a full time entrepreneur, I can relate to everything Barbara mentioned.

I still vividly remember my first day in kindergarten. I hated it. My Mom even told me that I cried for a full year!

For the longest time I didn’t want to admit how much I hated school. After all it was and has always been the trend, kids go to school while parents go to work. I just went along with it. While I never had to stay put, I often had Cs and Ds all the way until I was in the 6th grade.

Every year the school teacher would have one on one meeting with parents discussing the students’ progress. I overheard my teacher’s conversation with my parents. She said “I’m afraid that if your daughter doesn’t improve, she won’t be accepted in the middle school you’re looking at. She’s just not good enough“. I felt like struck by lightning at the time.

On the way home, my parents were eerily quiet. I knew I was in trouble. Needless to say my Dad heavily lectured me at home saying how disappointed and embarrassed he was at me.  He compared me to my cousins and his friends’ children whom he thought were so much brighter than me. At the time, it was hurtful. I was torn apart being compared to other kids. His words humiliated me.

He then decided to send me abroad to study instead.

Maybe it was the right thing for him to do. I just know that I started doing better in the 7th grade all the way to college because my mind was conditioned that if I didn’t start doing better, I would be a failure and disgrace for the rest of my life.

Even after I graduated from college, one of my old high school acquaintance made a comment “I got straight 4.0 and suma cum laude”. My response was “well congratulations, I’m happy for you”. I really did, but I knew she was looking to “fish” how I did in college. I’ll tell you, I graduated with a 3.5 GPA. (You may think that there are others who have worse GPA than I did, but that’s not the whole point here – so keep reading…;))

Could I done better? Maybe – I knew I studied hard so I wouldn’t be a disgrace to my Dad. And nothing more painful than being humiliated by your own family. And that was the kind of “pain” that motivated me to study better. But at the same time I knew I wasn’t studying hard enough to my fullest potential.

Did I want to study better? That’s another question that even I still can’t answer to this date. But here’s what I can tell you. Part of me wanted to prove that I could do better, and I did. But part of me rebelled and debated that I could still get a good job if I wanted to even with non 4.0 GPA.

For one, I proved to myself that not being the smartest or having a 4.0 could still get a great position with a high paying salary. Before I left my job I was already earning a six figure income.

But here’s the main reason why I resonated with Barbara Corcoran’s interview…

Society and family expectations can hurt in the end.

I was embarrassed by my not so good grades. By the fact that I was barely making it through the sixth grade. I was the laughing stock of my entire classroom until then.

I’ve long part ways with the “old me”.

I’m no longer ashamed in my past because without that experience, I won’t be strong as today.

I don’t question my Dad’s decisions and how he lectured me in the past. He’s my loving Dad and he had his own reasons to scold and humiliated beforet. I love him no matter what.

I want to tell you today, that no matter how hard, bitter your past was – your past isn’t equal to your future.

It’s not fully your fault if you’re not financially free.  It’s all these shocking society lies that keeps you in the dark, and keep you thinking that you’re not good enough to pursue your dreams.

You have all the power in yourself to fix your life for the better.

I’m not better than you. You may even be smarter than me.

You can achieve your fullest potential if you kill your self limiting belief.

Everything is truly dependent on HOW BAD you want to SUCCEED at something.

This so called “the way” shaped by society and some family has left many people cold and drown in debts. Think about it, most college graduates and even more so Master and PhD graduates have huge debts when they’re done with their studies. How long do you think it’ll take them to pay off their loans?


Now, even if you have massive amounts of debts, you can choose to turn your life around by making a decision to make it better.

I divorced my job and achieved my own freedom by making a choice to start my own entrepreneurial journey.

I started a beautiful chapter in my life through this very thing called the Internet Marketing industry.

If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m not the girl who sells you hypes and false promises to overnight riches. Because guess what? When you make a decision to start a business, the start is the hardest. You have to work harder than at a job often times. You have to sacrifice your “me time” (this includes TV, playing games, having fun with your friends, etc)

I can tell you that in the end, the rewards can set you FREE.

The end reward FAR OUTWEIGH the pain at the beginning.

Imagine working from home while spending as much time as you want with your loved ones.

Imagine giving yourself big raises because you work for yourself. You don’t need anyone’s permissions for a raise.

This “entrepreneurial path” is only for people who truly want to create a better life, a better future that can impact others along the way.

This “entrepreneurial path” has given me the absolute freedom to be with my family and loved ones at will. Nothing in the world can trade the time I spend with my child.

This path has been FAR from easy. But it’s been a sweet rewarding journey.

I can tell you it’s NOT for you if you’re not willing to work, aren’t willing to learn, or just getting into this industry with a “lottery mentality” and lazy.

I’m here to inspire you that, you too can inspire someone through your very own story.

Start your own entrepreneurial journey today.

Not tomorrow or not when you feel like it.
Val Geerken






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