Success Recipe


How many times have you thought of this “I want to make money but nothing is working!” since you jumped onto the Internet Marketing space? Maybe you wanted to start a home based business or an online business but nothing is working.

You have a BIG dream, but you’re not getting anywhere.

Let me ask you a few questions…

1) Can you describe exactly how you want your life to look like 5 years from now?

2) Are you making use of your precious time every day to work towards your goal?

What would your answers be?

Most of the time, people have clear dreams and can describe what they want in life but they don’t have the focus and clarity in converting the dreams to becoming a reality. People get so busy and involved in their day job and day-to-day activities that they fail to make the time for the success they desire. They fail to bring their dreams to reality because they don’t want it bad enough.

Think about it.

Until you come up with a solid written plan of exactly how you’re going from point A to point B, you will go around in circles without result. Here’s the cold hard truth, you don’t have time when it comes to business. Money doesn’t wait for you. People think they have time, and that’s a terrible mistake. Don’t wait for the “perfect” time because it’s never going to come. Once you have a written plan, it’s all about execution. And to execute, you need absolute focus.

Allow me to talk more about focus here, because it kills me when I see people wasting their time and money jumping from one program to another without result. I want to be the person who makes it simple for you. If you’ve been failing in one program or biz op, you’ll continue to fail until you decide not to fail any longer. You may be saying, “that’s ridiculous Val, no one wants to fail, why would I want to fail?”  As ridiculous as that may sound, that’s the problem with most people who gets into this industry. They don’t want to fail but their action says the opposite.  They take this industry like a gambling scene. They may have better luck going to casino burning their money than biz op hopping. People ask me what’s my secret, my secret is FOCUS.

Focus means LESS in everything:

1) Buying program or attempting to “absorb” more information that get you down the “information overload” path, and most likely collecting digital dusts on your computer
2) Quit your instant messenger and chit chatting with other people
3) Stop checking your emails every 5 minutes and here’s an important one too: stop reading the news every hour.
4) Quit playing games
5) If you know who’s doing what on your Facebook network every minute of everyday, you’re not being productive
6) TV … on average Americans spend 36 hours a week watching TV. Imagine how much time is wasted. If people are using half of those hours to do something productive, imagine what kind of result they’d get with their business.

Instead you want to focus on MORE doing. Implement everything you learn immediately – just do it. If you put it off, you’re not going to do it.


Let me give you an example here:

Day 1 – I’m super pumped to get started with a brand new program. I watched one hour of the getting started video, then I decided to take a 30 minutes break. Then my favorite show on TV was up, I thought I should just watch the TV first and get back to the program later. A few hours later, I got tired and my brain told me I should sleep.

End of Day 1 – One hour of getting started video watched – 0 hours put into business

Day 2 – I got on the computer and started the day by reading some news.  And then I thought, maybe I should write my first blog post. But then something else came to mind – I thought maybe I should post on my Facebook wall first. Then another thing popped up and I thought, “let’s do a video”. But then…Eh, I wasn’t feeling it; maybe I should of gone back to watching the entire new program I just bought.

End of Day 2 – still nothing accomplished – 0 hours put into business.

Day 3 – I had all the motivation in the world on this day and decided to learn the program. But then  “ahh…this is so complicated!”

End of Day 3 – I was already bothered by the fact I’d have to put a lot of hours into this business program. 

End of Day 3 – Still 0 hours put into business

Day 4 – I started to get bored with this program.  Could there be something else out that’s easier?

End of Day 4 – Started to feel like this program wasn’t the right one for me.  Going to look for something else.

Four days passed, still nothing accomplished. You’ve already wasted your time and money.

This is how people generally treat their business in this industry. This is why people aren’t getting anything done with their business, and come up with a million excuses why they’re failing.

Do you see how the illustration above get your mind cluttered fast? You have no clarity; as a result you have no output.  When your mind is cluttered, you can’t be focused. You have no sense of direction and you’re often confused of what action you should be taking.

This is why you need absolute focus.

When you’re being laser focused, your mind is shaped to get the best end result.

Stop looking for the NBT (next best thing). Pick the business that you like, work with a mentor that you resonate with, and connect with other entrepreneurs.  Stick to that same program for six months while being laser focused.

That’s your success recipe.


Value and Reasons

Six months or so ago, you found the “perfect” biz op.

The compensation plan looked awesome.

You were pumped up at the thought of finally making money online…

You started daydreaming about firing your boss…

Getting that family vacation…

Buying your dream house…

And so much more you wanted to do!
your dream


But today, you’re still struggling to make your first sale.

Reality kicks in.

Your loved ones think you’re pursuing a pipe dream.

You’re frustrated and you’re starting to doubt yourself.

Your dreams are shattered…



If this is you, keep reading because I’m about to un-shatter your dreams.

I see people complaining with a question like this:

I’ve been online for six months but no one is buying from me“.

Six months of being online without making a single sale is the typical results of the 98%ers in this industry.

Many more people struggle for more than a year without results.  I don’t blame them though. When people first jump into Internet Marketing scene, they tend to follow the wrong crowd. If they see others spam, they’d spam. If they see people posting pictures flashing money, then they’re going to do the same thing.

Look, no one is going to buy into that because people have their guards up even more than before. They’re used to being pitched all the time. They’re used to seeing fake pictures all the time…

Want to know the real issue here?

People may not like you as a marketer. You may be thinking now “Huh, what are you talking about, people love me, what do you know!”


It’s not about you as a person, but you as an online marketer, as an online entrepreneur.

The good news is, I can help you fix that.

Start implementing these V&R into your business:

#1 Give people value
#2 Give people reasons to buy from you, (not others or your competitors)

Sounds easy isn’t it? Just about. But people screw it up all the time. 😉

If you don’t do #1, you don’t differentiate yourself from the majority of that 98% people who fail in this industry. That’s a recipe to failure.

I just gave you a recipe how to fix it.

So how do you give value?

By learning yourself, then do it yourself, and then teach others how to do it.
(keywords: read, listen, and watch)

You need to find out people’s problems, be a good listener and provide a solution.

Think about it.

If your approach is always a pitch fest, what makes you different than everyone else they’ve seen?  Most people are going to be annoyed and swear to not buy anything from you.

This applies to wherever you relay your messages (i.e. newsletters, videos, Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.).

What about #2?  This is another one where people screw up even more than #1 😉

Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Be yourself and be someone people can relate to.  Model several people while still being your very self.

You don’t need to be a salesman. Rather you just need to know how the product that you’re promoting is going to solve other people’s problems. Sell them the benefits of owning the product. When you do this, most of the selling is already done on its own.

I spend a lot of time showing people how to do different things online, the process, etc. And you can do the same in your business.

You need to stop thinking “what’s in it for me”, switch that around and please your leads first. People don’t care about you; they don’t care about your business or compensation plan. They care about themselves and they look for people who resonate with them.

Until you give people tons of value and reasons for them to do business with you, you don’t have a business.

If you don’t implement these two things, you’re never going to be successful online.

It’s like you desire to have your own personal anytime ATM machine. But well, I’m sorry to say that’s not going to happen. You need to first build that ATM machine because it’s not going to magically appear out of nowhere.

You can un-shatter your dreams right now by implementing V & R into your business.

That’s exactly how money flows into your ATM machine.

Once you make your first sale, it’s all about repeat and scaling up.


Val Geerken

Your Dreams and Your Life

Do you realize how you spend your time is going to either take you closer to your dream, or further away?

Do you have a real actionable plan and commitment to create your dream life?

If you want real freedom and success, you need to be have at least one or all of the below:

1) Have your own business
2) Invest in Real Estate
3) Invest in trading, stocks market, etc

They are the three pillars of wealth.

If you want to be wealthy, you need to look into creating your own economy.   You’ll never have to worry with what may happen with the government, your job, etc. I laugh when people say they have job security with the companies they work for. I used to work for the biggest software company in the world. Just this past week, they announced that they were laying off 18,000 people. I know two people who got impacted and they were being let go…and these guys have families with young children.

Here’s another thing to think about…

Bill Gates have said that within 20 years from now, a lot of jobs will be replaced by software automation. (Here’s the link to the article)

If you’re not worried yet, well just think about it…technology is growing rapidly. Nuff said…

Let’s face it, you’re never going to be totally secure working for someone. You’re always at the mercy of your company or your boss.

Let’s talk about running your own business online…I believe there’s a science behind everything. This includes running and managing your online business. The science in making money online is in mastering traffic and build a HUGE (email and SMS) list.  The people who’re making the most money online are the people who spend the most money. They constantly buy traffic and re-invest their profit to scale up their business.

Here’s the painful truth and it may not sit well with you, if you’re down to your very last penny and are looking to make a quick buck, this isn’t the right industry to be in.  Find something in your house to sell, do a garage sale, stick to your job and live frugally so you can save up the money for your business. You can definitely find ways to get your “seed money” to start a business. No one became successful overnight and no one became successful without sacrifice and pain.

One of my good friends maxed out all her credit cards at one point in her life. She was committed to create her own life. She didn’t want to live in poverty, and wanted take control of her own financial life. And now she’s a multi millionaire, a CEO of multiple IT companies. Perhaps one of these days you’ll see her in Forbes magazine.

So get a clear vision of your dream life, and how you’re going to get there. Start working on your inner self. Surround yourself with positive people, read books, listen to or watch motivational speakers and successful people. Even if you’re surrounded by the most negative people, you can create your own positive surroundings by doing what I mentioned. When you change, your surrounding will change.

You can’t change your past, but you can make your future. Realize that your future is a guaranteed reflection of your current actions.


Val Geerken




Backlinks Made Easy


If you are looking to strengthen your online presence through blogging and videos, you need to know how to SEO.

Have you noticed that every SEO forum or big blogs you stop by are constantly touting the power and necessity of backlinks? Must be a pretty big deal if you ask me. 😉

What exactly is a backlink?

A backlink is a link on another website (external) that leads to a page on your website. For instance, a link on this page to a page on another website would be a backlink for that webpage. Backlinks can come from a variety of sources. It helps to improve your search engine rankings, and they provide additional exposure and access to your website from external sources. This is also called Off Page SEO.

There are tons of ways to get backlinks and each of the methods takes time to learn and master. Rather than getting super-in-depth with any single back-linking strategy, I’m going to give you some tips to get backlinks. If implemented correctly, your content will show up on search engines with your relevant keywords. The image below gives you an illustration on how backlinks look like.



The backlinks made easy tips

While the best backlinks are those that are earned on the strength of great content, great content will not be seen unless the web page it occupies is highly visible in the search results. If it’s not seen, it won’t attract backlinks. If it doesn’t attract backlinks, search engines will not see it as an authoritative page and, as a result, it will be virtually invisible in the search results. Little or no visibility in the search results perpetuates the vicious cycle of little or no search referral traffic, few or no backlinks, and low authority.

How do we get backlinks?

1) There are proven option of getting your articles published on authority article directories in order to increase the exposure of your website to millions of visitors and get valuable search engine rankings. Getting published in article directories won’t cost you a dime so I think you’ll agree this makes it a great investment.

A good thing to remember, in regards to backlinks, is to place all the links permissible to you in your article. A thorough reading of the editorial guidelines will help you create valuable content efficiently. Typically, depending on the article directory, you can have one or two “non-self-serving” links in the article body and two “self-serving” links in the author resource box.

2) As we all know Social bookmarks are a great way to get backlinks. Social bookmarking sites get crawled constantly by the search engines. When you post a bookmark on one, your will likely be crawled in a matter of hours. It really is that easy. Of course, you can never guarantee anything that Google or other search engines will do, but your link is more than likely to be indexed in a relatively short period of time with just a bookmark or two.

3) Another great way of getting backlinks are through press releases and news announcements. This approach gives good results since there are many websites that can publish your articles for free through announcements. You need to make a professionally written document for a press release to be able to attract more attention and get visitors to your website.

4) You can also get backlinks by exchanging contents and affiliate programs. This can be through offering RSS feeds to interested sites for free as they do the same for you. You can then be able to get more visitors as they look to get more information based on the abstract they read from other websites.

5) You can use joint ventures, co-branding or partnership for the purpose of getting backlinks. To do this you can make a request to have them link back to your website. Another option on how to get backlinks is to do a guest post on these websites and include a link as free content for them. This will make it possible for them to get more traffic through reference.

6) Another method to use is the “link-bait”. This basically means giving away a gift so as to be able to get backlinks. A way to do this is to have gift cards from shopping websites online to attract more visitors to your websites. Many readers will want to get the gift in the offer and this increases readership, since they have to go through your website to win.

7) Forums can be an amazing means for building blog backlinks. What you do is to search out related forums in your niche. I recommend adding your blog url as a backlink in your forum signature. Then every post you make has a backlink to your blog. A good forum post can send 100s of visitors to your blog in a week, or even a day.

8) And here’s an important one…make sure you deep link within your own blog.  Meaning, you want to link one article to another relevant articles within your own blog.

Want to learn more SEO and how to build an authority site? Sign up for my 10 days Online and Mobile Marketing Bootcamp where I go through on page SEO and off page SEO in greater details.

So there you have your quick backlinks made easy guide! Now you’re educated and you can go find backlinks for your blog, website or landing pages. Backlinks are the lifeblood of promoting your website. Building backlinks can be so easy, and benefit your blog!


Val Geerken

Why you haven’t succeed in life

People want to succeed in life but 98% of people fail miserably.

One of my friends called me today. She told me “I’m itching to give my two weeks notice, I hate my boss, I want to quit so bad because my job sucks!”

So…I told her that I’d give her some tips, she was very excited to hear it.

As I talked to her, I found out that she’d say things like:

“I’ll give it a try”

” I hope so”

” It’s Obama’s fault”


There’s no try, you either do or don’t. Hoping for the best without doing anything isn’t going to take you anywhere. Hope is nothing without making a decision and take action. People who play the blame game and the victim game isn’t going to be successful in life.

I told her the ugly truth and the reason why she’s been stuck in the same ol’ job for years. I told her what she needed to hear, not what she wanted to hear.

It’s the same way for you. I sure hope that you don’t say things like the above. If you do, get them out of your vocabulary and work on your inner self more.

Believe that you can.

Educate yourself and implement it immediately.

Quit whining and start winning.

If you want to win in life, in business,  and win the “money game” for life,  take responsibility of your life.

“If you’ve always done what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

It’s now less than six months till end of the year. Are you going to change for the better starting now, or come up with another temporary “new year’s resolution” when 2015 comes ?



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