Don’t attempt to make money online


I am inspired to write this post after reading an email from a subscriber over the weekend.  She asked me “Val, can you please tell me what is the most fool proof system for someone who are starting out?”.  There are so many scam programs or business opportunities out there after all. I have been there and I know exactly how frustrating it is to not know what to do.

I am going to say this, before you read this entire post, don’t attempt to make money online. I am going to save you from beating yourself up and all the unnecessary frustrations.  I want you to ask yourself this question. “Do you love what you do online? Or do you just love the IDEA of making money online?” There is a difference and I want you to think about it before you answer this question.

The truth is that, there are absolutely no fool proof system. There I said it. No matter how good a business opportunity is, no matter how great they sound, you will fail if you don’t put any effort. You will fail if you don’t to take action.

I have gotten to know the Online Marketing industry for six years. But honestly, I spent more than half the time failing.  I failed…a lot.  But I never gave up. I worked on myself harder until I finally found my comfort and successful at working from home.  I want you to know that if you expect to make money online, you need to first figure out why you even want to make money online. Are you cut to be an entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes to get back up after you fail?  I spent tens of thousands of dollars online figuring out what and how I wanted to develop my business. I spent a LOT of money and time to educate myself.  I started out by building micro niches sites. I made zero dollar after five months. I made bad mistakes along the way. I listened to people who gave bad advises and used methods that “sounded too good” to get my sites ranked within hours. In the end my sites got penalized. So if you are just starting out and have only spent a few hundred dollars here and there, I am sorry but you need to deal with it. Learn from your failures, continue to move forward is the best advise I can give you right now.

If you just love the idea of making money online, I am afraid you won’t get far. What you have is merely an idea. And if you fail, you won’t pursue it. The online marketing industry is filled with hypes and false promises. Yes, it will take time to separate the gems from the crap. You can lose money along the way.  But it comes down to either you educate yourself the right way or end up miserably.

When you have passion for what you do in life, you will make money. You may not make big money at first, but you will make more. The more passion you have for what you do, the more money you will make. In this industry, you must be willing to help others before money comes to you. It does not matter if you are not in profit immediately. When you build a business, you must think from a long-term perspective. It is like planting a seed on the ground. It will take time for the seed to grow into a tree. Slowly but surely it will grow. It is like nurturing your own child, you don’t focus on your son or daughter as a grown up person. You focus on educating them and give them the best you can at the present moment.   You want to focus on your effort, NOT the end results. If you are passionate about what you do, you will enjoy it and nothing else matters.

You are not going to make money online if you have zero passion about your online business. The Internet can give you financial freedom, but it takes a lot of blood, sweat tears, time, and not to mention money. You will need to invest in basic things like Auto Responder, Web Hosting, and various tools that can help your online business. The truth is, this can drive some people over the edge. The technical and marketing jargons can be intimidating to some people.  If you cannot deal with these, and not willing to learn, don’t have the will nor patience…you should consider leaving the Internet Marketing industry and stick to your day job.

One of the biggest problems I noticed in this industry is that people are “drooling” over what others are making. So in a way people just want to “give it a try”.  The online industry is not your “give it a try” industry. You are either in or out. There is no “give it a try”. If you come in with a “give it a try” attitude, you will not go far. You will continue to chase the next shiny object that comes out and continue to “try your luck”. In the end you are not building a business, you are gambling. Consider this your wake up call.

Do or Do Not. There is NO Try.

Do or Do Not. There is NO Try.

Figure out what you love to do, and develop a business plan around that. If you are into crafting, maybe consider selling on eBay, etsy or even create your own e-store. If you love kids and babies, sell babies and kids stuffs online.  If you love music, continue to pursue your passion around music and put yourself out there. Use the Internet as a tool to connect with people who love music. Dream big and never let anyone say you cannot achieve it. The point is, you can figure out what you love, and use the Internet as a vehicle to reach your goal.

I am personally very thankful of what the Internet has given me. Full freedom.  Did it come easy? No, no way close. But I have always been persistent. In the end, it is not just about making money. So once again I want to say this… don’t attempt to make money online until you figure this out. It is about how you show your passions to others by doing what you love in life. Fight for it, and take the time needed to succeed.  You will succeed.

Fight for your goal and what you are destined to do. You WILL succeed.

Fight for your goal and what you are destined to do. You WILL succeed.


Why Solo Ads Work

Why Solo Ads Work


Selling on the Internet does not need to be hard. If you are just starting out or even if you have been online for a while but seem to be getting overwhelmed, let me cut your frustration and show you what exactly it boils down to.

1) First of all, you find something you want to sell. What you want to sell here MUST provide a solution to your potential leads.

2) Get targeted traffic to your offer.

3) You collect your leads’ information and sell.

Many Internet Marketers make it seem like selling online is complicated. It really is not.  The principle is that simple.

Once you narrow down what you want to sell, you create a landing page or squeeze page.  You need an auto responder to hook your landing page to. There are many of them, I personally use Get Response (I also have recently build my list through mobile auto responder with Auto Recruiting Platform. Mobile industry is getting bigger by the minute, you don’t want to miss the mobile train – read my other posts about mobile marketing). The bottom line is, you do need some kind of auto responder to capture your leads’ information.

There are a lot of templates to create squeeze pages fast. There are some free ones and many Internet Marketers use premium WordPress plugins to create pages. I personally use a variety of templates and paid service like Simple2Advertise.  They have a lot of neat features and already done templates ranging from existing network marketing companies to custom made pages. All you need to do is simply add your auto responder code into the system. Personally, the ability to create something fast and easy, is worth the small amount of investment to me. Time is money when you work for yourself, so you want to streamline as much as possible. Anyway, that is all there is to it when it comes to hooking up your auto responder to your squeeze page.

Now once you have your landing page ready, you want to drive traffic to your page.

One strategy that works fast and effective when you’re starting online is to build your list with solo ads. There are multiple ways to get around this. Safelists is one of them. You may also want to look at traffic exchange. Personally I’ve had better conversions with solo ads. I am going to explain why solo ads work. Let me explain…

Once you book your solo ads campaign, generally traffic is being delivered fast and you can get very targeted leads depending on who or what vendor you buy the clicks from. Basically, you are looking to pay your chosen vendor an “X” amount of clicks.

Let’s just say you buy a solo ad for 100 clicks and it costs you $70 and you get 30% opt in (which is very achievable if your page and traffic are setup right). You immediately have 30 people on your list. Can you convert just one lead to buyer after an opt in? Absolutely possible. If you’re promoting an affiliate product and your cut is $100, you are already in profit. Once people opt-in to your squeeze page, you want to redirect them somewhere. To buy something or to a free offer (if you want to build relationship). You may not have anything to offer if you are brand new, and that is okay. You can always look for free PLR (private label rights) products or free report that you can immediately give to your new subscribers. Personally, I always give my new subscriber free gifts as soon as they opted-in. See how easy it is to make sales online? That’s why solo ads work!

Too many people are hesitant to take action because they are afraid to make mistakes, lose the money invested, and who knows what else go through their mind! They just simply refuse to take action, and too many people have a gazillion excuses. But really, the key to having success is just to JUMP in and perfecting along the way.   The most important thing is to get started. Secondly, never quit. I failed a lot, and still do here and there, but I learned from them and perfected my approach and strategies.

Successful people don’t quit, they fail a lot, but they become successful and learn from their failures.  Your mind determines your own success or failure.


Why Mobile Marketing Is So Effective

Why Mobile Marketing Is So Effective

Mobile phone is considered one of the most personal gadgets, if not most personal gadget. Mobile phone keeps you connected anywhere, anytime with your friends and family. When it comes to business, the mobile industry has grown so fast within the last two years, and text SMS marketing has become a powerful way for businesses to communicate with their customers.

I invite you to read through the Nielsen’s Mobile Consumer Report earlier this year.

Let’s take a look at the stats below. In the US alone on average, there are over 764 texts being sent and received per month on a single user.
Over 94% of those text messages are also being read within the first three minutes.

“The average number of texts has gone up 566% in just two years according to Nielsen report, far surpassing the average number of calls, which has stayed nearly steady.”

“SMS text messaging is by far one of the fastest growing sectors in mobile advertising with 9.6 trillion messages sent in 2012 alone, according to Portio Research.”


Text messaging has become one of the most effective ways to instantly connect with your clients/customers and leads.

When you compare the SMS open rates vs email open rates, the answer is clear where the trending is going. Mobile marketing is a great way to establish long term loyalty for local businesses like hair salon, restaurants, auto shops, and many others.

Mobile marketing is still fairly new in the online industry. But with more business owners turning to the Internet to grow their business, many more independent consultants and internet marketers offer their clients mobile marketing solutions. 

With all that said, here are some key reasons why mobile marketing is so effective:

  • There are billions of mobile phones owners. More consumers own mobile phones than computers now. Mobile users carry their phones everywhere. 😉 (The last time I left my phone at home, it felt as bad as when I forgot to bring my purse and drove around town!)
  • Highly targeted. You are getting people who are interested in what you have to say opt in with their mobile numbers. They are giving you permissions to send them text messages. Opt out is as simple as replying to the text message sent by you with “mute” or “stop”
  • Instantly delivered and your messages are being opened in a matter of minutes.
  • High open rate. Statistically proven that the open rates for SMS is at least three times more than email open rates.
  • Direct communication channel. Two way text messaging can increase customer retention and connect with them on a more personal basis.
  • Cost effective.  When compared to traditional advertising on TV and newspapers, PPC, PPV, SMS marketing is way cheaper.


This SMS platform is the full solution to mobile marketing and beyond.



Where do birds go in winter?

Where do birds go in winter?


Ever wonder where birds gone in the winter? Lake? Somewhere warm?

Here’s a random video I wanted to share, I love Science and Nature. So I wanted to share this video. These are some fun facts about birds!

Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing

Email Marketing vs SMS Marketing

I figured I would share my game plan for 2014 and how I can help you more in your business. It involves scaling up my business and multiplying my income sources. But I have some bad news and good news and I want to cover both.

I have always preached that one should be building their subscribers list the moment they jump into Internet Marketing or doing some type of online business. Regardless what niche you’re in, your list is your asset. Who are you selling to otherwise? Like the saying “The money is in the list”  But let me ask you this…what good is it if your list isn’t responsive? They don’t open your emails, they don’t know you. And yet people only do business with someone they trust.

Here comes the bad news…email marketing is not as effective anymore. Internet Marketers have been fighting to get their emails delivered to subscribers’ inboxes. Unfortunately, the odds aren’t in Internet Marketers’/Online Entrepreneurs’ favors. A few individuals in this industry claim to have more than 50% email open rates recently, but I found something quite disturbing about this claim. They would send text messages (SMS) to their subscriber’s mobile phones to check out their emails for details. And wallaaaa….of course…the email open rates were through the roof! I don’t like people who claim something but do another thing. Perhaps many people did not notice this, but I did.

The moment I entered the industry, I chose to be an ethical and honest online entrepreneur. I made the decision to be different because of how much junk out there. I made the decision to truly deliver value and do what I can to contribute to the success of others in the online industry.

Now back to the point above…the truth is most marketers and online business owners aren’t able to get more than 20% of their emails opened in general. This is a painful fact.



So Email Marketing or SMS Marketing?

Together with a few of my business partners and friends, we looked for a solution to help fellow marketers and online business owners. In fact I don’t come in here to promote this to you as my subscriber until now because I wanted to make sure this is what it says it is. I took the time to experienced the system and, allow me to share this with you.

The solution to this problem is SMS based marketing with SMS marketing Services such as Auto Recruiting Platform. Mobile marketing is still considerably new. The mobile industry is HUGE. I can’t even begin to tell you how big this industry is…studies have shown and proven that more people use smartphones than computers now. This is just the beginning. Like anyone who jumped onto doing online business via email marketing over a decade ago, the ones who jumped onto mobile marketing now are the ones who won’t have to worry about marketing in the years to come.

Here comes the exciting part: Over 98% of SMS Marketing messages are opened and read. And as high as 94% of these messages are being read by subscribers within the first three minutes.

This is the good news: complement your email marketing with SMS Mobile marketing. If you already have a business now and already building a list, compare the results to when you send text messages to your prospects/leads, clients. Etc.

Check out this page where I go in depths about this SMS Marketing Platform that happens to be a Business in a Box all on its own.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a business.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran and expert in this industry.
It doesn’t matter if you’re still a newbie.

It doesn’t matter if you already have a subscribers list.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a subscribers list.

It doesn’t matter what your background is.

Bottom line, you need this marketing system if you’re doing business. This is your biggest weapon to dominate 2014. You can promote ANYTHING…EASILY.You’re looking at responsive leads, responsive people who’re ready to do business with you anytime. You might as well call this your own ATM machine. :)

I can tell you one thing for sure. This is the last thing you’ll ever need to help you generate true income online.


So, who is the winner when it comes to marketing now and the very near future? Email marketing vs SMS marketing.  The winner in my opinion, without the slightest doubt is clearly SMS/Text Marketing.

I invite you to partner up with me on Auto Recruiting Platform. Opt in with your number and go through the funnels yourself to see why this is the biggest thing you don’t want to miss.

I don’t like to brag just so you know (loathe it with every fiber of my being).  But this gives you an idea on who you’re looking to partner with.

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