Success Recipe


How many times have you thought of this “I want to make money but nothing is working!” since you jumped onto the Internet Marketing space? Maybe you wanted to start a home based business or an online business but nothing is working.

You have a BIG dream, but you’re not getting anywhere.

Let me ask you a few questions…

1) Can you describe exactly how you want your life to look like 5 years from now?

2) Are you making use of your precious time every day to work towards your goal?

What would your answers be?

Most of the time, people have clear dreams and can describe what they want in life but they don’t have the focus and clarity in converting the dreams to becoming a reality. People get so busy and involved in their day job and day-to-day activities that they fail to make the time for the success they desire. They fail to bring their dreams to reality because they don’t want it bad enough.

Think about it.

Until you come up with a solid written plan of exactly how you’re going from point A to point B, you will go around in circles without result. Here’s the cold hard truth, you don’t have time when it comes to business. Money doesn’t wait for you. People think they have time, and that’s a terrible mistake. Don’t wait for the “perfect” time because it’s never going to come. Once you have a written plan, it’s all about execution. And to execute, you need absolute focus.

Allow me to talk more about focus here, because it kills me when I see people wasting their time and money jumping from one program to another without result. I want to be the person who makes it simple for you. If you’ve been failing in one program or biz op, you’ll continue to fail until you decide not to fail any longer. You may be saying, “that’s ridiculous Val, no one wants to fail, why would I want to fail?”  As ridiculous as that may sound, that’s the problem with most people who gets into this industry. They don’t want to fail but their action says the opposite.  They take this industry like a gambling scene. They may have better luck going to casino burning their money than biz op hopping. People ask me what’s my secret, my secret is FOCUS.

Focus means LESS in everything:

1) Buying program or attempting to “absorb” more information that get you down the “information overload” path, and most likely collecting digital dusts on your computer
2) Quit your instant messenger and chit chatting with other people
3) Stop checking your emails every 5 minutes and here’s an important one too: stop reading the news every hour.
4) Quit playing games
5) If you know who’s doing what on your Facebook network every minute of everyday, you’re not being productive
6) TV … on average Americans spend 36 hours a week watching TV. Imagine how much time is wasted. If people are using half of those hours to do something productive, imagine what kind of result they’d get with their business.

Instead you want to focus on MORE doing. Implement everything you learn immediately – just do it. If you put it off, you’re not going to do it.


Let me give you an example here:

Day 1 – I’m super pumped to get started with a brand new program. I watched one hour of the getting started video, then I decided to take a 30 minutes break. Then my favorite show on TV was up, I thought I should just watch the TV first and get back to the program later. A few hours later, I got tired and my brain told me I should sleep.

End of Day 1 – One hour of getting started video watched – 0 hours put into business

Day 2 – I got on the computer and started the day by reading some news.  And then I thought, maybe I should write my first blog post. But then something else came to mind – I thought maybe I should post on my Facebook wall first. Then another thing popped up and I thought, “let’s do a video”. But then…Eh, I wasn’t feeling it; maybe I should of gone back to watching the entire new program I just bought.

End of Day 2 – still nothing accomplished – 0 hours put into business.

Day 3 – I had all the motivation in the world on this day and decided to learn the program. But then  “ahh…this is so complicated!”

End of Day 3 – I was already bothered by the fact I’d have to put a lot of hours into this business program. 

End of Day 3 – Still 0 hours put into business

Day 4 – I started to get bored with this program.  Could there be something else out that’s easier?

End of Day 4 – Started to feel like this program wasn’t the right one for me.  Going to look for something else.

Four days passed, still nothing accomplished. You’ve already wasted your time and money.

This is how people generally treat their business in this industry. This is why people aren’t getting anything done with their business, and come up with a million excuses why they’re failing.

Do you see how the illustration above get your mind cluttered fast? You have no clarity; as a result you have no output.  When your mind is cluttered, you can’t be focused. You have no sense of direction and you’re often confused of what action you should be taking.

This is why you need absolute focus.

When you’re being laser focused, your mind is shaped to get the best end result.

Stop looking for the NBT (next best thing). Pick the business that you like, work with a mentor that you resonate with, and connect with other entrepreneurs.  Stick to that same program for six months while being laser focused.

That’s your success recipe.


How To YouTube Marketing

How To YouTube Marketing


Here is the Webinar Replay to “How To YouTube Marketing” that Matt and I hosted earlier tonight. If you are not doing YouTube Video Marketing for your business, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. We covered the basics of Video Marketing and quick tips on how to make your first video easily.

Here are some quick tips to “How To YouTube Marketing” the easy way

1) Brainstorm for ideas for topics or products that already have massive momentum behind them.

2) Research what keywords you want to use. Just like blogging you want to put a little bit of thoughts and research into your videos.

3) Create your video.  Make sure it is formatted into .mp4 (smaller in size and easier to stream for people with slower internet connections). Make sure to name your video with your keywords.  For example, if you were going to write a review on iPhone 6 , your video should be written with something like this format: iphone-6-review.mp4 before you upload to your video to your channel.

4) Description. Start with your Link at the top, followed by good description filled with good content and make sure it is keyword rich. Make sure to have relevant tags to your video.

5) Enable caption. Not many people utilize this, but this is Google literally transcribing your video into text. This is yet another important factor to ranking your video.

6) Use Annotations for Active calls to action – to lead them to check out your website. Keep in mind you cannot use annotations to lead people to your website, but you can use annotations to get people’s attention for the next step.

7) Embed your video to your blog – This is another signal that YouTube gets for your video to get better rankings. This is the reason why blog+videos combination is so powerful.

8) Blast backlinks to your YouTube Video.

9) Comment on other people’s videos.

If you have been thinking to create a video and get involved in video marketing, there is no reason not do it now. You have these How To YouTube Marketing quick tips laid out in front of you. If you want to see more “how to youtube marketing” tutorials in depth, click here to check out my 10 Days bootcamp series where I virtually take you by the hands to create a full time living from the comfort of your own home.

I am going to share a little insight into my business now. I made nice profits from small affiliates websites and mini niche websites. It was fun when I started doing it, but I hated it after a while. Then I found my sweet spot in 2010, I made a good living off a single business model: Dropshipping. I never had to do videos. You can say I was in my “comfort zone”.  After several years of doing the same business,  I wanted to expand my online business and automate the process. This was the time I realized something needed to be done.  This way I could have more time freedom with my family, and to eventually do more international charity trips.

I am going to tell you right now that you won’t be great at creating videos overnight.  If you have seen my videos or attended any of my webinars, you would have noticed the difference. Heck, I still stutter and sometimes still lost in train of thoughts especially with a little one around. On top of that I have an accent and I used to constantly worry that people may have a hard time understanding me through my videos or webinars.  I was constantly worried of being judged.  Until my mentor smacked me in the head (well he did not really do that but that was how I felt!), and told me:

Get out of your comfort zone if you want to be in the top 1% income club“.


I realized then that there was no way I could please everyone and I had to do what needed to be done.  I pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. Everyday I challenge myself to be better.  The more I do it, the more natural I become. I have faith that you can do the same.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you, leave a comment below. 😉



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