The Best Time To Plant A Tree Was Twenty Years Ago

The Best Time To Plant A Tree Was Twenty Years Ago. The Second Best Time Is Now.

I have always loved this proverb. When an idea to plant something comes up, you take action and plant it. But do you actually sit there and wait for the trees to grow?

So today I wanted to share with you some of the biggest concerns and questions that people often write me about…

“I only have one hour each day, can this work?”,

“I work full time and I have kids and family, can I still do this?”

“I don’t have any money to invest”

“I have a full time job, I want something I can do easily”

“Who are you? Stop sending me emails!” Lol, no joke…I’ve gotten several of these since I started in the Internet Marketing…people forget because they’re overwhelmed and are getting a LOT of emails on a daily basis from Internet Marketers, to the point that they forgot that they opted in to my websites.

Majority of Internet Marketers are writing you on a daily basis – telling you to join the “next big thing” or the “new shiny program” that just launched.  So what happens when you’re faced with these kind of emails on a daily basis? Do you actually end up taking action? I’m willing to bet that you’d end up procrastinating, because one thing sounds too good, then another thing sounds great, and the next thing sounds wonderful. You’d end up in a non ending loop without going anywhere.

So here’s my answer: “It’s completely up to YOU. You have the answer”

The mind is a powerful force. If you say you can’t, you’re not going anywhere, just accept that you’re going to stay in a non endless circle of unhappiness. If you say you can, I believe you can too!

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You are on Internet Marketers list for a reason.  You looked online to find ways to make money on the Internet. Maybe you’re just looking to earn some extras. Or maybe you’re looking to make a full time living like many of the big guys and gals in the industry.  If you are reading my blog or on my newsletters list, you’re also there for a reason.

I will tell you upfront right now…if you want to build a true online business and have a fat healthy bank account, then YOU have to take responsibility for YOURSELF and your FUTURE right now.  No one else is responsible for your financial situation. It’s up to you and you only to make that decision!

Over the past year I have seen a lot of emails like this:

I don’t have the time because I need to make time with my family” – I have a family also, I started this part time while I still had a full time job. And now I have a family and a little toddler running around and keeping me busy most of the day, but I managed to make time for my business and for YOU. Ask me how? :)

I just want someone to show me how to really build a business” –  Reallllllyyyyy? Then you have the option to unsubscribe from the Internet Marketers who don’t resonate with you, that includes me. It’s for your own benefits, trust me. So no hurt feelings and I’ll still help you if you need pointers or need help in your business. Just save my email address but you won’t hear from me again. See how simple it is?

I don’t have any money but I want that kind of lifestyle” – I’m not a financial advisor. I had what many considered a high paying job. But when I transitioned to become a full time Internet Marketer, I spent a lot of money on courses because I was hungry for more information. But I became overwhelmed and was pulled in too many directions without clear guideline. Many people don’t have money to start with, you’ll come up with a solution if you want success as much as you want to breathe.

You will never start a business until you are fully serious and ready to take responsibility.

If you have been on the Internet Marketing for a while and not getting results, then stop treating it like a hobby. The longer you treat Internet Marketing like a hobby, the more you will see obstacles standing in your way to becoming successful.  You will spend a lot more money for the next shiny thing only for it to rot and collect digital dusts. Your loved ones will doubt you and upset you for all those money spent with nothing back in return.

You can make a change in your life. Take massive action within the next three to six months. Remove all your distractions and focus on taking action.

I am going to end this post again with a Chinese old proverb “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” Pursue your dreams. Don’t wait for tomorrow.



Why You Are Not Where You Want To Be In Life


Why You Are Not Where You Want To Be In Life

Have you ever wondered why you are not where you want to be in life? You may be very smart with big dreams, you may be very good at what you do but nobody recognized your work. Or for some reason you just cannot seem to hit that “high point”. Do you know why?  I will tell you why. The reason is simple, because there are things blocking your way from reaching the “high point” in your life.  And the main thing blocking your way from reaching that “high point” is yourself, you are your own main obstacle.

There are people like you, everyday, who think that life sucks. I too, have been to the bottom of the barrel in my life and I came back. Like you, I failed more than just once. We cannot get anything we want in life all the time, and trust me life does and can be sucks sometimes. But the key is CONSISTENCE and PERSISTENCE in trying to achieve your “high point” in life. Whatever your definition of “high point” is at any given time, you need to be persistent and consistent to achieve it. If you have failed in the past, view it as a life lesson, a valuable teacher. No one but you knows exactly what you did wrong, and only YOU yourself know how to avoid repeating the same mistake. Rather than viewing “failures” as a depressing subject, embrace it because it makes it who you are today. Embrace your failure and appreciate that it happened to you for a reason: To push you towards your “high point” in life. If you have been failing all your life, so what? It prepares you for your future success. You will fall many times before you succeed. Even if you don’t fall, you may still get bruises along the way. View “Failures” as “Growing and Learning”. All successful people in the history of mankind and today had their fair share of failures, problems and disappointments. If you read about successful people, you will know how many times they failed before they got to the high point of their life.

Now, let’s be honest, I am sure you can answer this question now. Why you are not where you want to be in life can simply be caused by your own personal views of life.  If you view others around you as negative people, start by looking into yourself. A negative attitude presented by others generally is a reflection of the negativity you presented towards them. Which in turn makes them become negative about you. Change your attitude to be positive around others. Remember, you are your own main obstacle.

Be high on life even though you have it hard. No matter how hard life gets, there will be a better tomorrow. Never compare yourself with others, work on your inner self and mindset. Do not let people “define you”. You are a unique individual, no one can replace you, and no one can be YOU. If your life sucks in every aspect, there must be something you are still passionate about. Channel your negative energy into that one thing you have passion for.


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