Timing is Everything

I want to share a real personal story about “timing is everything“. In fact, it just happened this week.

I am a good friend of John and Janice (both are nicknames as I am protecting their identities), who happened to be ex boyfriend and girlfriend. They were in a long-term relationship from grade nine up to their second year at the university, until they broke up over twelve years ago. Janice eventually got married, and John got into another relationship. Janice just recently gave birth to her lovely first daughter.

They remain good friends, and even work together.  Late last month, John came to me and told me that he is still deeply in love with Janice. Even though he is in a relationship right now, he still has feelings for Janice. He is helping the girl he is with due to family issues. He told me honestly “I am not in love, but I am trying to love her”. He is obviously cheating his own feelings by being in this forced relationship. But I never told Janice about this, as I know she is married. Earlier this week, Janice called me and said she was divorcing her husband. All these time, she has apparently been in a very abusive relationship, her husband hit her often. I was shocked to hear this, as I never knew the details of their relationship. This must have been a really difficult situation for her as she just gave birth to her baby. I applauded her for being brave and leaving him.

On that call, she told me she was about to reveal a secret…

Janice: “Val, I wanted to tell you something crazy, please keep it a secret will you?”

Valerie: “Ok, what is it?”

Janice: (stopped for a moment)….”I still have feelings for John. What should I do??”

The thing is, neither of them ever told the other about how they each feel towards each other. I stopped for a second, trying to gather myself about how complicated this thing has become and I am somehow stuck in between the two of them.  It has been years since they broke up.  Within a minute I knew how I was going to approach the subject.  Knowing John’s personality, I knew he will not profess his love to Janice, especially that he had said “Loving someone does not mean of being with her physically”. Talk about true love.

Understanding the mutual deep feelings they have for each other, I told Janice to make the first move and tell him the truth. She was afraid of being rejected.  But I realized, this might have been the right timing for the two of them to start all over again.

She took my advice, and called him. She cried after she finished talking with him and both of them texted me at the same time.  Both broke down at the same time and ended up speaking from the bottom of their hearts. They were both relieved to find out the truth. They are working to find a way to be together, while staying true to who they are.  I know they both will fight for the right thing and treasure the second chance given to them.

This may have been the missing puzzle of happiness in their lives.  Had I not been friends with both of them, their true love would have remained buried deep down in their hearts. Had I not been actively stay in touch with both of them, I will not know the truth either. Everything has a reason. There is timing in everything.  Janice made the right decision, and she took my advice and told John the truth. This is a new chapter to their new beginning.

You see, there is a meaning in every chapter of your life, no matter what happens. It may be a small thing, or a big thing. But it always lead to something else, big or small. Be aware of your life, your surrounding, recognize opportunities. Not everyone got a second chance in life (love in this case) like John and Janice. If you stumble upon this post or my blog, it is not an accident. There are countless of blogs out there, countless of people telling their stories. But the fact that you are here, it is a special thing.  I am no one special, but I am glad I was able to help them do the right thing, share their burden, and lift them up. Their story inspired me that being successful in any aspects of your life requires efforts. Maybe we will learn from each other. Timing is everything.  Let’s see if we can inspire each other to do the right thing, reach the success you desire in life.


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