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I want to start off by asking you what is your definition of “wealth”? This word means different things to different people in this world.  But we can probably agree that wealth may indirectly means money.  But I want you to start thinking about your “Current Wealth” and your “Dream Wealth”.

Let’s talk about your “Current Wealth.” Maybe you correlate this with your income and assets. The truth is, you may already be a wealthy person, but you have not realize it. Wealth comes in different forms. True, money is one of them, and yet there are still many different forms of wealth. If you are in a happy and successful relationship, that is a form of wealth.  When you have a happy family, that is a form of wealth as well. When you have a good health, you are wealthy, and so on. And the ultimate wealth is when you are in peace, happy and content with yourself. This is why I often say that wealth and money goes together.

Being content and happy with yourself is the ultimate bliss. Because simply, good things happen and automatically come to you when you are at peace with yourself. This shows in your face, in your aura and the positive vibes generated from you. Many people talk about mindset being the most important key to a successful life, but how exactly do you establish the right mindset?  You need to look deep into your life.  What things make you feel proud to date? You also need to ask yourself what and how would you like to improve your life and your loved ones. Write down your “Current Wealth” and your “Dream Wealth”.

Once you have that note in front of you, you can compare the results. Next, think about how exactly you are going to make your “Dream Wealth” a reality. If you can dream about it, you absolutely can reach it!! But you do need a solid game plan, and think subjectively.  We all went through being a baby and a toddler. You won’t remember any of this, but the point is, baby is a perfect example. Look at the baby’s development, from a newborn phase to being able to roll over on his/her own. From rolling over to finally sitting up, to crawling and attempting to stand up, and finally walk and run. This is the general outline of achieving your “Dream Wealth” and this principle can be used for literally anything!  Do not underestimate the power of baby steps.

We’ll talk about those baby steps next time and how you can make your dream a reality.



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  1. Great read, this has helped to open my eyes and broaden my outlook on just how wealthy I truly am. Thanks for another great insightful read.


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