[Webinar Replay] 2014 Is the Year of Mobile


Here’s a replay of a the Mobile Marketing 101 Training webinar my business partner, Matt McGivern and I hosted last night.


Reach out if there’s a need for anything.

I/we will be starting to create more training and content for you surrounding the mobile marketing.


  1. Beauty_cos says:

    Mobile is not just a device
    to make a call, anymore. There are many more things that you can make out of

  2. Jeremy_J says:

    Lots of people don’t have
    an idea what is mobile marketing and they don’t even know that it exist. They
    are only familiar of internet marketing which is widely used by businessmen to
    reach a bigger market and have their brand well-known worldwide. Mobile
    marketing is advantageous to small businesses.

  3. Barbera_am says:

    Market to ALL of your
    customers anywhere at anytime. This is the new evolution of marketing

  4. Melaniemm says:

    that was AWESOME! i
    subscribed and cant wait for more !

  5. Marc_besoli says:

    Mobile phones are more
    efficient for everyone, and everyone is using mobile nowadays. It is more
    convenient and easily accessible anytime, anywhere. That’s why more and more
    online marketers are upgrading their business strategies by getting mobile apps
    for their business.

  6. Marina_rodriguez says:

    Mobile Marketing is
    definitely the future of communication, allowing companies to target the
    ‘untethered’ customer directly, and more important on a device that the
    customer is extremely personal about! Mobile is here to stay, and will only get

  7. CoiffureHairstyle says:

    friend ! continue to make
    more like this! ill be subscribing! :)

  8. Laurent_Dupond says:

    Thanks for this enlightening
    video about mobile marketing. We all know that mobile phone is very important
    to everybody and sometimes we can’t have the customers to visit our business
    because of their busy schedules but having promotions using texting definitely
    they will spend a few seconds to check it.

  9. AmirSaidi says:

    Great video! Yes, mobile
    marketing is indeed one of the most powerful way to grow anyone’s business.

  10. James565 says:

    I actually watched this whole thing! I don’t often do that, very good video!

  11. James565 says:

    Barbera_am I totally agree. It’s an exciting thing too!


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