What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Many people have the desire to venture into small businesses and be their own boss. But for many, this is just a daydream. The problem with many of them is they simply venture into business without really knowing what they truly want to do. This is especially true in the Internet Marketing world. In fact this is so true that many people treating the Internet Marketing as a “side hobby”. This is a recipe for a disaster!
So truthfully, what should you do? You should be able to answer this question, it comes down to understanding what you want to accomplish. (Read that again if you have to…).  When you know exactly what you want to accomplish, have a clear goal in your mind, you will do whatever it takes to get there. Being in the Internet Marketing world does not mean you have to be a genius, and you certainly do not need to go to college to learn the ins and outs of IMs. In fact self-study, research and your own experience are all that matters.  The problem again with many people is that they do not treat this seriously enough, they continuously find excuses. At the end they complain they do not have enough time to make it work. The truth is, you can start small, so small that you only need maybe one or two hours a day to start. Just like implementing a new habit and getting rid of a bad one, you can start with small changes and see significant improvements over time. 
Motivation alone is not enough to succeed, you need to have the strong desire to make things work. Secondly, you need a proven system. Third, implement the system and repeat. That’s all there is to it. Some successful coaches say you should treat this as a business not a hobby. The problem with that statement is if you’re used to working all your life, you have no way to relating yourself as a “businessman/woman”. I personally take a different approach, if you have had a hard time seeing yourself as a businessman, treat this as your “job”. So it is either you will make it or break it. With the time you commit each day and the results coming in, you will automatically have more confidence and faith in yourself. The results are your pure hard work and no one else’s. No one tells you what to do, no one else is making the decision for you, you are your own BOSS.  You will come to this point. 
Before you jump onto the next shiny thing like courses, tools, graphics, etc, define your goals and ask yourself if these new stuffs are truly related to what you are trying to accomplish.



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  1. I love how your posts truly break down visualization to its core basics. After reading your posts I can’t wait to begin implementing your teachings.

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