What is a squeeze page

I got this question a lot. What is a squeeze page?

Basically, a squeeze page is where people put their email addresses in exchange for information. Sometimes a squeeze page is also called an opt in page, sign up page, subscription page, or a landing page. A squeeze page is designed to build your list especially if you run your business online.

Understanding a squeeze page in a step by step process:

1) You create a squeeze page (something like below, squeeze page samples)

what is a squeeze page


squeeze page



2) You have valuable information that your leads possibly want in the form of downloadable eBook, videos, tools, tips, etc. This is called the lead magnet factor. You want to have your offer to be irresistible that your prospects would quickly enter their email addresses without second thoughts. This can be a challenge these days. Because many people are more aware than ever of the possibility of getting spammed and scammed.  As soon as someone opt in to your squeeze page, you already have it set up to redirect to the information that your leads are looking for.


what is a squeeze page


3) The entire goal of a squeeze page,  is for you to have a list to build relationships with.

What is a squeeze page

If your business is on the Internet, then you need to have some form of squeeze page where you can collect your leads’ email addresses. Why do you need their email addresses?

You want a customer for life, a customer who buys from you not only once but for many more years to come. This is how you connect and follow up with them. The bigger your list, the better it is. It all comes down to numbers and conversions. I am not going to say that it is going to be easy to sell even with your big list. You need to provide value to maintain happy subscribers and engaged subscribers.

Recently, mobile squeeze pages are becoming more popular. A mobile squeeze page is basically the same as email capture page, with the exception being that you capture your prospects’ mobile numbers instead of email addresses. This is a great way to get better engagement with your prospects. Instead of broadcasting an email, you would broadcast text messages. Text messages open rate are amazingly high. Based on previous studies, it has shown that as high up as 94% of SMS messages are being read within the first three minutes. This is a huge deal for marketers and business owners. You can read more about email marketing vs sms marketing.

mobile squeeze page

A squeeze page is in a way an Art

If your squeeze page is well thought even with a simple design, you will reach your goal to get beyond 30% opt in rate for a campaign.

Keep in mind the following factors when designing a squeeze page:

1) Headline. This is probably the most important factor. You literally have only seconds to grab someone’s attention before they decide to move away from your squeeze page. You need to have a clear statement with attention grabbing headline of what your prospects will get from entering their email address.

2) Sub headline. Your sub headline needs to point out the benefits of them entering their email addresses, without revealing too much information.  This is what we call the information gap.  Studies have shown in the past that people absolutely hate information gaps and will take the necessary step to satisfy their curiosity.

3) Background. Your background should be simple. Depending on the squeeze page creator you use, you can easily change the background.  Sometimes a vacation background like the beach can trigger someone to opt in. But this is not the primary factor. You still need to have a well thought headline, sub headline and the actual offer that you are giving away for people in exchange for their email addresses. A best practice is to have at least two squeeze pages whenever you run a campaign, and compare the results. A different background can make a difference in the opt in rate. A different set of words can also make a difference in the opt in rate.

Tools I have used to create squeeze pages

I have used Optimized Press, PT Instant, Epic Page Pro, and several other tools to create custom squeeze pages. Personally, I love using leadpages.net now, it has proven itself to give me the highest conversion rate. Check out the squeeze page templates from leadpages.net. You can download these leadpages templates for FREE, and upload it to your own webhosting server. You will need to know some HTML , and a little know how to edit these pages to suit your needs. But you get to save yourself the $37 monthly subscription.  I love the simplicity and being able to get a squeeze page setup within minutes. I don’t have to worry about coding anymore or do anything major to get a squeeze page up and running. The $37 a month subscription is well worth it in my book.  Time is money in this industry.

Check out my previous webinar that goes through a little bit more in depth about setting up a squeeze page. 

-Val Geerken @ www.wealthandmoney.net




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