What you really need to be successful

If you are on many marketers’ email newsletter lists, you are probably used to seeing them asking you to buy product after product on a consistent basis.

You would see all these emails from them asking you to buy “the latest and greatest product that can make you $$$$$$$“, yet more than 90% of the time you would only end up being disappointed and frustrated with little to no results.

With that being said, I want to talk to you about what you really need to be successful in this industry.

I remember when I first started in 2007, I listened to people who looked like they were making serious money online. I trusted that they had my best interests in mind, and I thought they knew what they were doing to help me start generating income online.

But boy…I was dead wrong…it did not take long for me to be overwhelmed!  I have had unethical marketers who screwed me in this business.
I failed many times, over and over again. It was sickening.

I am going to tell you as it is now.  It is easy for you to get lost in this industry. This industry is like the big ocean, and you can be bitten at any time by those sharks surrounding you.

I was ready to quit when I became overwhelmed with the vast amount of information out there.

And because I had a high salary job, I always took it for granted and thought of my job as a “cushion“. The worse part was I had the “what if my business didn’t work” mentality. That was one big mistake because I did not take my business seriously.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and tired of all the empty promises and hypes now, I understand and I can fully relate to you because I was once in your shoes.

When my husband and I decided to have a child, we came to a point where we talked about the need for me to stay home and be available for our child. Both our mothers were always there for us. In fact, I had the best childhood because my Mother was always there for me. That was the reason I wanted to do the same for our child.

You see, I always thought that women would have to make sacrifices, to go one way or the other. The thought of leaving my job was scary to me!  After all I worked for the biggest software company and had a great career.  Many people thought I was stupid to leave my job.

What was scary to me at the time turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I left my high salary job in 2010, and made up my mind to make my business work.

My daughter was the absolute turning point. She was the reason that my life changed completely. Ever heard the saying that you’re your own biggest enemy? This statement is pure truth. I embarked on a journey to conquer myself.  “The first and best victory is to conquer self” – Plato

I stopped competing with other marketers. I worked on myself harder and became laser focused on taking action, not results. I started thinking in ways I never would thought possible before.

Let me tell you, I loved to shop before (what girls don’t like to shop!).

I would not think twice about buying that new pair of $300 boots. Now, I think twice about buying anything non business related. Not because I cannot afford what I wanted, but because my passion and thoughts have changed completely. I would ask myself this simple question “do I need this or do I want this?”

And now, I don’t think twice about investing into traffic and tools that can help my business grow. It is pure entrepreneur mindset right here.

I am amazed at how much I could do after just being laser focused in one year. I saw what was possible in this industry, and constant steady income started flowing to my bank account.

So here are the important key takeaway from all these…the bottom line of what you really need to be successful in this industry.

1) Focus on one business. Do your research and stick with one plan for six months. Give it your all and do not think of the profit or the money (this one is hard but if you can disconnect money from building a business, you will be golden).  I am all about multiple streams of income, but for your own benefit, do not branch out into another business until you see results.

2) Only buy tools or traffic, things that actually will help your business.

3) Do not be afraid of failure. There is no perfect action, but realize that any action you take today bring you that much closer to your goal.

4) Establish a series of tasks for your business. Consistency is key.

5) Help others. People will love you and believe equally in what you do.

6) Do not spam others and follow what the majority of Internet Marketers do.

7) Find a mentor, who actually have their best interests in you to succeed. Do what they have to say, do not question anything. It is either you work with someone who are up there already and give you their full blueprint to success, or you continue to struggle for many years to come.

Finally, surround yourself with like minded entrepreneurs and leaders who actually want to see you succeed.

Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key




  1. Beauty_cos says:

    you are absolutely right
    about, Thanks for this wonderful post!
    I was always worried about my work and hence
    not performing my work properly, so i was seriously looking for predictions of everything
    i do, especially my goals. this has made me lot more easy and stress free.

  2. Jeremy_J says:

    This article made my day!
    Brilliant advice from a lovely lady.

  3. Barbera_am says:

    Loved this post. You are so
    positive and inspirational. Keep up the great work.

  4. Melaniemm says:

    Thank you, your words are meaningful
    and helpful. it’s kind of inspiration.

  5. Marc_besoli says:

    I love your post! Thank you
    so much! I’m working on my own business and I’m excited about working on it and
    I know I won’t fail. :)

  6. Marina_rodriguez says:

    Your post make me feel
    better. Thank you:) Inspirational….Great ….

  7. CoiffureHairstyle says:

    Really nicely said, Thank
    you so much It is an interesting post, Good luck.

  8. James565 says:

    This is truly inspiring for me, I’ve been making my way up very slowly but this will keep me going!

  9. James565 says:

    Marc_besoli Could you say anything about your business? I’m interested to know!

  10. James565 says:

    Jeremy_J Made mine too!

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