Why Mobile Marketing Is Effective


Businesses that are taking advantage of this new world of mobile marketing are seeing growth, capturing market share and experiencing great financial benefits.   By making mobile a central part of their marketing strategy, these savvy businesses benefit from being able to find and engage the new breed of “constantly connected consumer.”

Why Mobile Marketing is Effective

According to the Small Business Mobile Survey conducted by Web.com:

  • 84% of the US small business owners surveyed who put a mobile marketing strategy in place reported that they saw a rise in new business activity as a direct result.
  • 69% believe that mobile marketing will be a key factor to their future business growth over the next 5 years.
  • 64% of the 500 business owners surveyed stated that they plan to increase their mobile marketing efforts.
  • Among the main reasons that the business owners reported for using mobile marketing included: providing better service to their existing clients and customers, attracting new local customers and to improve their competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Do you still need some more proof that it’s worth your time and effort to implement a mobile marketing strategy? Keep reading … 😉

Let’s take a look at some more facts before I move on to showing you what you need to get your mobile presence started…

  • The average American spends 2 hours a day on his mobile device. Source
  • By 2015 mobile marketing will generate $400 billion in revenue. Source
  • SMS coupons are redeemed 8% more than emailed coupons. Source
  • Mobile advertising will account for 60% of Twitter ads by 2015. Source
  • 40% of users that scan a QR code will buy the product. Source
  • 28% of mobile users buy an item without checking it out in a store. Source
  • 52% of mobile users use their devices while in a store to get help with purchasing decisions Source
  • 52% of mobile users check the prices of an item online they wish to buy. Source
  • 70% of all mobile searches result in an action within an hour. Source
  • 47% of mobile users are more likely to read reviews online for the product. Source
  • 44% of mobile users ages 18 to 34 have used a mobile device to search for a coupon. Source

As you can see, there is clear cut evidence that mobile marketing can be a powerful addition to your business promotion toolbox. But besides the easy access, what exactly is it that makes mobile strategies so powerful as compared to other methods?

Why Mobile Marketing Is Effective

Mobile marketing works incredibly well because it engages people in activities that they are already doing, at the time that they need the information, and where they want it. If someone is out enjoying their day and suddenly decides that they want to find a new place to go for lunch, they simply take out their mobile device and conduct a search. A customer who is out shopping has access to a wide variety of tools and apps that can help them make sure that they are getting the best value for their money. With mobile marketing, gone are the days where customers have to cut out and carry scraps of paper in their pockets (unless of course they are extreme couponers, but that’s another whole topic entirely). Now people can access online coupons, store loyalty cards and QR codes for quick savings – all in one place! This is why mobile marketing is effective.  You may have already realized that there are a lot of targeted ads in the applications you are using in your mobile devices too. I don’t see mobile marketing slowing down.

Another thing that makes mobile strategies so effective is that it taps in to one of the most powerful forms of marketing – word of mouth. With today’s technologies, when a person wants to make a recommendation or share information about a product that they love, it’s as simple as clicking a Facebook like, sharing a picture on pinterest, checking in at Foursquare, posting a tweet, writing a Yelp review or sending out a link to a YouTube video. There are so many reasons why mobile marketing is effective.  All of these online strategies are designed to go viral – to be sent from person to person, ad infinitum, depending upon the network of connections.

When you have an optimized mobile presence, your happy customers can literally spread the word right at the time when they are in the best frame of mind – when it is happening. And this type of promotion is the best kind there is. Studies show that word of mouth recommendations can generate as much as 65% of new business from referrals, without it costing you a single penny!

Hopefully you are starting to see why mobile marketing is effective for any business. In the next post I will cover more on how to get your website mobile ready.




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