Why Solo Ads Work

Why Solo Ads Work


Selling on the Internet does not need to be hard. If you are just starting out or even if you have been online for a while but seem to be getting overwhelmed, let me cut your frustration and show you what exactly it boils down to.

1) First of all, you find something you want to sell. What you want to sell here MUST provide a solution to your potential leads.

2) Get targeted traffic to your offer.

3) You collect your leads’ information and sell.

Many Internet Marketers make it seem like selling online is complicated. It really is not.  The principle is that simple.

Once you narrow down what you want to sell, you create a landing page or squeeze page.  You need an auto responder to hook your landing page to. There are many of them, I personally use Get Response (I also have recently build my list through mobile auto responder with Auto Recruiting Platform. Mobile industry is getting bigger by the minute, you don’t want to miss the mobile train – read my other posts about mobile marketing). The bottom line is, you do need some kind of auto responder to capture your leads’ information.

There are a lot of templates to create squeeze pages fast. There are some free ones and many Internet Marketers use premium WordPress plugins to create pages. I personally use a variety of templates and paid service like Simple2Advertise.  They have a lot of neat features and already done templates ranging from existing network marketing companies to custom made pages. All you need to do is simply add your auto responder code into the system. Personally, the ability to create something fast and easy, is worth the small amount of investment to me. Time is money when you work for yourself, so you want to streamline as much as possible. Anyway, that is all there is to it when it comes to hooking up your auto responder to your squeeze page.

Now once you have your landing page ready, you want to drive traffic to your page.

One strategy that works fast and effective when you’re starting online is to build your list with solo ads. There are multiple ways to get around this. Safelists is one of them. You may also want to look at traffic exchange. Personally I’ve had better conversions with solo ads. I am going to explain why solo ads work. Let me explain…

Once you book your solo ads campaign, generally traffic is being delivered fast and you can get very targeted leads depending on who or what vendor you buy the clicks from. Basically, you are looking to pay your chosen vendor an “X” amount of clicks.

Let’s just say you buy a solo ad for 100 clicks and it costs you $70 and you get 30% opt in (which is very achievable if your page and traffic are setup right). You immediately have 30 people on your list. Can you convert just one lead to buyer after an opt in? Absolutely possible. If you’re promoting an affiliate product and your cut is $100, you are already in profit. Once people opt-in to your squeeze page, you want to redirect them somewhere. To buy something or to a free offer (if you want to build relationship). You may not have anything to offer if you are brand new, and that is okay. You can always look for free PLR (private label rights) products or free report that you can immediately give to your new subscribers. Personally, I always give my new subscriber free gifts as soon as they opted-in. See how easy it is to make sales online? That’s why solo ads work!

Too many people are hesitant to take action because they are afraid to make mistakes, lose the money invested, and who knows what else go through their mind! They just simply refuse to take action, and too many people have a gazillion excuses. But really, the key to having success is just to JUMP in and perfecting along the way.   The most important thing is to get started. Secondly, never quit. I failed a lot, and still do here and there, but I learned from them and perfected my approach and strategies.

Successful people don’t quit, they fail a lot, but they become successful and learn from their failures.  Your mind determines your own success or failure.


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