Why You Are Not Where You Want To Be In Life


Why You Are Not Where You Want To Be In Life

Have you ever wondered why you are not where you want to be in life? You may be very smart with big dreams, you may be very good at what you do but nobody recognized your work. Or for some reason you just cannot seem to hit that “high point”. Do you know why?  I will tell you why. The reason is simple, because there are things blocking your way from reaching the “high point” in your life.  And the main thing blocking your way from reaching that “high point” is yourself, you are your own main obstacle.

There are people like you, everyday, who think that life sucks. I too, have been to the bottom of the barrel in my life and I came back. Like you, I failed more than just once. We cannot get anything we want in life all the time, and trust me life does and can be sucks sometimes. But the key is CONSISTENCE and PERSISTENCE in trying to achieve your “high point” in life. Whatever your definition of “high point” is at any given time, you need to be persistent and consistent to achieve it. If you have failed in the past, view it as a life lesson, a valuable teacher. No one but you knows exactly what you did wrong, and only YOU yourself know how to avoid repeating the same mistake. Rather than viewing “failures” as a depressing subject, embrace it because it makes it who you are today. Embrace your failure and appreciate that it happened to you for a reason: To push you towards your “high point” in life. If you have been failing all your life, so what? It prepares you for your future success. You will fall many times before you succeed. Even if you don’t fall, you may still get bruises along the way. View “Failures” as “Growing and Learning”. All successful people in the history of mankind and today had their fair share of failures, problems and disappointments. If you read about successful people, you will know how many times they failed before they got to the high point of their life.

Now, let’s be honest, I am sure you can answer this question now. Why you are not where you want to be in life can simply be caused by your own personal views of life.  If you view others around you as negative people, start by looking into yourself. A negative attitude presented by others generally is a reflection of the negativity you presented towards them. Which in turn makes them become negative about you. Change your attitude to be positive around others. Remember, you are your own main obstacle.

Be high on life even though you have it hard. No matter how hard life gets, there will be a better tomorrow. Never compare yourself with others, work on your inner self and mindset. Do not let people “define you”. You are a unique individual, no one can replace you, and no one can be YOU. If your life sucks in every aspect, there must be something you are still passionate about. Channel your negative energy into that one thing you have passion for.


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  1. I always feel we will never be where we want to be in life as what we want often changes and our vision becomes obstructed. we aim for greatness as a human race and as such seem to never be content. Yes we can ensure we do not make the same mistake twice but we will always want more. Attitude truly reflects your altitude and the greater the aspiration the grander the adventure.


  1. […] Make a decision to want to be better, focus on doing one thing until you are very good at it and you see results. Your mind determines your own success or failure.  When you truly want to succeed, you will do whatever it takes, follow the footsteps of successful people and take massive action. Don’t quit before you even start. […]

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